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I'm not sure how much longer I can continue to watch this show in it's current format.   For every two minutes of golf there's 5 minutes of commercials.   You literally get 2 shots then some overly produced and highly fabricated cliff hanger.   I'm also finding myself increasingly irritated by Tom Whathisname.   I wish he'd just STFU and let Stephanie do all the talking.
Holy thread resurrection Batman.  Dead for 4 years and POW!
I was referring to the swing change he did year ago, I think it was around 2003 when he was hyper concerned about how he was flighting the ball.    
The problem is you can only be on one side of the fence at a time!   I think Tiger's margin's of victory were greater under Harmon but he has more wins under Haney so I guess Haney wins that one!  
If by the "college experience" you're referring to the non-academic part, he can still get drunk and get laid as a pro!  Granted you don't have as much time to sleep it off!   I've got almost 300 credits worth of college credits and I'm not even working in any of the field I have degrees in.   College is WAY overrated.  
This kid is nuts if he doesn't turn pro after this weekend.   He has the opportunity to make tens of millions and finishing his degree at UCLA isn't going to contribute a penny to his earning potential.    People go to college to get the opportunity to earn more money, being educated and knowledgeable doesn't require a four year degree.   I have two bachelor's degrees and half of an MBA done and I'd trade it all to be a tour pro! :)
Probably because it hasn't proven to be any more effective than any other type of swing coaching.  Everyone's mileage will vary.  Pro's play to win and if they're not winning consistently then they won't likely stick to something.   Padraig Harrington won a bunch of majors and wasn't happy with his swing so he changed it.   Tiger Woods dominated everyone and he changed his swing.     
Some players wanted to see a couple of degrees open, a couple of degrees closed. For example, we knew some of the top players were bending their drivers six, seven, eight degrees open, but they obviously still were able to bring the clubface back to square at impact square. Read More http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equipment/blogs/hotlist365/2011/06/dialing-in-your-swing-equipmen.html#ixzz1Q9aknoHr   I tend to play my driver a bit open at address because my miss...
  I'm really struggling to understand what you mean.   Yes Tiger has won in the last three years but he's been no where near as dominant as when he was with Harmon.   Look at his margin of victory in his wins under Harmon versus those under Haney.    It's not even close.  
  That would be AWESOME   They could call the match the "Delusional Open"!    
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