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I just did an analysis on some video I shot of my swing a few days ago.   I've got a "V" gap of approximately 40 degrees so I'm getting there!
I wish Tiger would just go back to Harmon.   When he was with Butch he was winning majors by 10 shots.   Enough of this Haney & Foley nonsense.
This might be a bit of a newsflash for some but the golf ball has no idea what iron it's being hit with.   A golf ball doesn't care if it's being struck with vintage Pings or 2011 forged Mizzy's.   A ball can only react to the physics applied to it.   If you think your course are somehow special and only certain brands of irons will work you need to rethink your position.   People buy new clubs because it feeds their ego.   A square faced Eye 2 moving at 100mph will...
I haven't but a company I used to work for had a guy win $10k in their tournament.   It was one of those hole in one deals.   Nice prize but the jerk stiffed us on the entry fee!
Here's the problem I have with that type of instruction: while it may work it take an inordinate amount of timing.    The golf swing has enough things that can go wrong and adding additional timing to the mix only complicates it further.      
The course where my league plays is really narrow.   On some holes, the fairway is about 30 yards and it's lined by trees on both sides.   The course isn't overly long so from a course management perspective I'm contemplating taking the driver out of play.      How wide does a fairway need to be before you'll pull your driver?
I think you need to find a new instructor.  
I've been working on a few changes to my swing this year.  I'm trying to stabilize my base a bit more, I was basically locking out my right leg and it was causing all kinds of timing issues.   I also wanted to work on dropping my hands to get the club into the slot in a better position and finally creating and holding some more lag in my swing.   I've always been a picker so my ball flight is higher than I'd like so everything is sort of coming together into one giant...
Rory is a great kid with a bright future but the reality is that he's really accomplished very little to this point.   It's not fair to compare him at this point to Tiger in his prime.   Let's see what Rory's prime looks like before we get too excited.   Tiger in his prime wasn't just dominant, he changed the game.   He pulled up the level of play of the entire tour.   Hell he had his own signature shots like the 2 iron stinger.   
It's really a challenge for the USGA to make the course play hard.   They can't control the weather and it's rained almost every day.   Yes the rough is a bit less than I would have expected but I'm sure they had factored in a certain amount of firmness.   The fairways and greens have been made much easier by the rain and there's also been little to no wind.     Mother nature neutered what could have been a a very difficult course/setup.
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