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Id rather the manufacturer ones.  They look nicer to my eye.
  Haha I get that a lot.  I wish TM made decent iron headcovers
All the new sticks for this season wrap in Black Widow Tour Silk White Grips   All in the bag.  New this season:   TaylorMade R11S Driver TaylorMade RBZ 3W TaylorMade R11 Irons 5-PW   Same as last season: TaylorMade '11 Rescue Hybrid 3 and 4 TaylorMade TP XFT Wedges - 52*, 56* and 60* Scotty Cameron Coronado 35" Putter    
SUMO2's sound god awful off the tee.  I won a vacation at a golf expo to a resort in Virginia and I took another couple with my fiance and I.  The other couples husband and I are really good friends but never played together though.  I let him go first and while I was getting my things out of my bag he teed off and I literally hit the deck when he made contact it was that horrible.  The course was in the mountains too so the echo was almost deafening lol  
Depends on how "cheap" you are looking for.  I was assume the TaylorMade R9 driver would be your best bet to start looking because they are the first adjustable drivers that were on the market.  
I was at the release party last night at the local Golf Galaxy.  They had a contest going to bring in your driver and test it against the RBZ driver.  You get 5 swings and you take your best distance on both and for how many yards further the RBZ was compared to your driver you get one RBZ ball.  I didnt take part in this because I wasn't aware until I got there what the promotion really was and I was just intent on buying and R11S driver and RBZ 3W.  Needless to say...
Major snafu tonight with the Golf Galaxy midnight release of the R11s and RBZ. I went with the intentions of picking up an R11s driver and an RBZ 3w. For some reason the R11s products won't scan in any computers. They keep getting a message saying the product release date isn't yet. GG called the TM help line and said the problem is nationwide. Ended up only leaving with the RBZ 3w. I have to go back in the morning to see if it's straightened out. They gave me two free...
Awesome I thought you werent even allowed to demo them until the 3rd either, thanks for the info.
Driver - TaylorMade R11S - $400 3 Wood - TaylorMade RocketBallz - $230 Hybrids - TaylorMade 11 3h and 4h - $340 Irons - TaylorMade R11 5i-PW - $500 Wedges - TaylorMade XFT 52, 56 and 60 - $240 Putter - Scotty Cameron California Coronado - $300 Bag - Ogio Grom 2010 - $200 Balls - TaylorMade Penta - $40 Grips - Black Widow Tour Silk White(13) - $45.50            Scotty Cameron Custom Grip - $60 Total - $2,355.50    Good lord lets hope the little...
How were you able to try out an R11s?  They dont come out until February 3rd.
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