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Hit a 7 iron on the range last week with a rifle 6.0 in it....hit it at least a club longer than my i20 7 iron.....going for a fitting a week Monday.
Yes, yes he would...perhaps we should be setting up our own preview for the week and selling it off!
Well, down to 2 Speith starts left....my gut tells me not to take him this week at the Open....will I have the stones to leave him off my roster altogether? I have 24 hours to decide....would love to see him win for the chance at the Grand Slam though....PGA will be nuts if he goes in there with 3 in a row!    I figure he had 7 tourneys left: Open, WGC Bridgestone, PGA and 4 Fed Ex Cup playoff events.....definitely need to ponder. 
Last week for the spring segment, then we will be 2/3 done. 1 point spread at the top for the segment....will be an interesting finish for sure.    I'm up to 337th overall for the full season rankings, so after some slumping, I am hoping to do well and make TST Fantasy Golf proud.    Got back from 3 days of the  US Open yesterday. I was in the Grandstand on 18 on Sunday....what an incredible last couple of hours of golf. One of the best weekends of my life.....Father's...
I'd echo this...I was there from Friday to Sunday, and saw the entire course and was able to follow things from different spots. I spent time between 2 and 16 and saw both by going back and forth....spent time in the 12th and 9th grandstands and a good deal of time in 18 later Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday. I was watching things on TV throughout the week on TGC and knew it was a big property with lots of elevation changes, but really didn't comprehend it until I saw...
Will be logging on to TST forum each night and giving my impressions of the day. I've had the tix for a year, and just can't wait to get on the grounds. I will see what I can post for pics too.
Thanks @Crim. Will be an amazing three days...Father's Day weekend at the US Open with my 13 year old son, who has become an avid golfer over the past 10 months. As for TST Fantasy golf, I will be seeking out some inside information....need to with you breathing down my neck!
I live on Vancouver Island, a few hours North of Chambers Bay. We just had our driest month of May on record, so my guess is they didn't think it would be this dry at this time of year. That being said, with the proper set up by the USGA, this can be great.   I head down there tomorrow and am watching rounds 2-4. I can't wait...feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve right now.
Well I'm pulling for you @Club Rat 
@Club Rat what happened to you? I thought I was in a slump  
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