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Thanks @Club Rat I'll see what I can do...typically, my Winter segment is my worse one, so I am hoping to keep improving. Always impressed with how well so many in TST group do in this league. Good luck to all. 
Last week of the Winter Segment is this week....
Agree @Club Rat a lot of times there are horses for courses, so look at their history on a course. The PGA Tour website has a good fantasy section you can check this out on. Then I look at guys who have been "hot as of late" and will go with them. Another strategy I sometimes use on limited field events with no cut like this one is to use players who I normally wouldn't so I don't burn a start on a guy who I may use all 10 starts for. No cut, so sometimes I take a flyer on...
Up to 25 in the group...half way to full. We reached a full 50 the last 3 years, so hopefully it keeps growing. Lots of fun, so jump on board. 
Actually, in previous years Yahoo caps the group at 50...I am assuming it is the same this year. No worries though as it is at 19 right now. 
Come on @Club Rat it is the holiday season....don't be like that  Looking forward to another season....TST group typically brings some serious knowledge and competition....good luck to all in 2015! 
2 years ago we had the Mulligan week, last year we didn't.....didn't seem to make much of a difference to the top 10-15 as they are already the guys who seem to get their roster in each week. I am not a fan of the mulligan....don't seem to exist in any other fantasy sport pools.
Good luck Club Rat.....my shelf is getting full with all the hardware, so maybe best I don't win it again! I'm in!
Another good year in the Sandtrap League....We have a lot of guys on the 90th% and higher, a testament to the quality of the group. Was happy to be back on top after a few years out of that spot. Hopefully we can do it again next season.
Hey just checked and Yahoo didn't give me bonus points for Rory and Sergio...sure they will correct that. Anyone else with the same issues...with the bonus points I'd have 248 for the week which may be a PB
New Posts  All Forums: