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80 point week....and I moved from 94th to 95th percentile....a tough week for all!!!!
Welcome back and bring it!!!!
I am finding Yahoo slower this year than in previous years for setting the field....it used to be all good to go for Tuesday morning, except for late WD's. This year, it seems they don't lock it into the actual field until late Tuesday. I have started just setting mine on Wednesday morning, and I do some research ahead of time. I always try to check it one last time on Wednesday night to make sure my team is all entered. 
They only play the South course on the weekend.
If you have used them in a minimum of one round, and they are on the bench in the last round, you will get their bonus points, but only if you have used them at some point in the tourney...Here is the explanation from...
Bonus points, or points? The bonus is 20 for first, 10 for a second and 5 for a third. Regular points are for scoring in the round...if your player has the lowest score for the round, he'd get you 20 points, and then it goes down in 2 point increments from there.
You can sub in from your bench before the deadlines, but once the first round deadline is over, you can't change your the players you have in place for that tournament. For example, if you didn't have Dustin Johnson as a starter or a bench player, you couldn't sub onto your roster after the second round if he was in the lead....he would have to be on your bench to do this.
You are in the right area. Usually yahoo has the field set by Tuesday but with the Monday finish for THTOC it is probably just a day behind.
Yes, surprised me too...looked on Yahoo and as long as a player was active on your roster  for one round in the tourney, even if they are on the bench in the last round you get the bonus points. for example, I had Webb simpson on the bench last week but he was never active, so I didn't get the bonus points, whereas Mouzer's Hackers and Slicers had Speith active for 2 rounds, and then on the bench the last 2 rounds, but still got the 10 bonus points for Speith because he...
We are up to 25 participants....still room for more, and not too late to start...only one tourney in the books, and there are three segments in the season, so you would be playing catch up for the winter season, but not for spring and summer....hope we can keep it growing.
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