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Yes, surprised me too...looked on Yahoo and as long as a player was active on your roster  for one round in the tourney, even if they are on the bench in the last round you get the bonus points. for example, I had Webb simpson on the bench last week but he was never active, so I didn't get the bonus points, whereas Mouzer's Hackers and Slicers had Speith active for 2 rounds, and then on the bench the last 2 rounds, but still got the 10 bonus points for Speith because he...
We are up to 25 participants....still room for more, and not too late to start...only one tourney in the books, and there are three segments in the season, so you would be playing catch up for the winter season, but not for spring and summer....hope we can keep it growing.
I agree I tend to tweak my roster too much too. With no cut this week my strategy was to keep my 4 all week...almost subbed Zach out for Webb Simpson and DJ as they were in first after 3 rounds but it paid off with Zach winning. Good luck on your season.
Saw on Golf Central that 18 of 30 from HTOC are in the field at Sony Open.
Welcome man...you'll have fun. Points based on score for the round, so low score gets 20 points then goes down in increments of 2. I've been at it for a while and keeps me interested and following the tour. Enjoy and good luck!
Can choose week 2 and pick now, but best to wait until tomorrow and it will reset to Sony Open and have the proper field listed on it.
Nope...love to have you in the group....you will just be a week behind but long season to get caught up....good luck.
You can now see the group standings . Click on the Sandtrap group off your main page and it will show the group standings after each round. 68 leads the group from yesterday...an impressive total.
Can't do this each week....must be because it is week one. Usually if you miss the deadlines for the start of a tournament you are stuck with your team from the previous week, and they aren't always in the field etc... Thanks for joining it is a good time and keeps interest up in the tour..
They usually post scores about 4 hours after the round is over. Watching the news seems like many areas battling weather...I am in west coast and we've had a pretty good winter...got 9 in today and was sunny but wind was howling...
New Posts  All Forums: