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We are up to 20 in the group.....keep em coming!!
You set your roster each week...only 10 starts per player for the year. You can sub your bench in mid tourney too but if you use a player, even just for one round, it counts as one of the 10. One of my earlier posts goes over the ins and outs of Yahoo.
Yes need a Yahoo ID but not a yahoo email or anything...the ID is easy, just choose it with a password and you're done then follow my instructions above to join the golf
That is awesome iacas.... Thanks for the prizes!
10 members so far so still room and time to sign up.....
First tourney starts this Friday, but it is in Hawaii so the deadlines are a little later than usual....
For those new to Yahoo Fantasy Golf, you have to pick 4 players to be your starters for the week: 1 from the A group, 2 from the B group, and 1 from the C group. You also have to pick 4 for your bench, same from each group as above.    You only get 10 starts per player for the entire season, so this involves some strategy.    You can sub in someone from your bench (if one of your starts misses the cut, or one of your bench players is lighting it up) but if you use them...
Okay, not a lot of replies yet, but the season starts on Thursday, so I figured I'd set up a SandTrap group for Yahoo Fantasy Golf and see how many from the forum we can get.   Go to http://golf.fantasysports.yahoo.com/ to create your user name etc....   Once you have done this, click on "join a group"   You have to enter the group ID which is 5115   And enter the password: sandtrap   There is a limit to 40 participants in the group.   Hope we can fill it up...
Any interest in having a SandTrap group in the Yahoo Fantasy golf again this year. I have set one up in the past. If there is an interest I will set it up.    Checked the site out and haven't seen anyone else setting one up....if incorrect, please direct me to it.   Thanks
Thanks for the suggestions...any other thoughts?
New Posts  All Forums: