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Congrtas to srjgolfer for winning the winter segment....the spring season starts this week, and the overall season race is tight. Still some room for anyone wanting to join us now and compete in the spring and summer segments.
Those are if your team finishes highest in the group for the week with the most points overall, not for how individual players have finished for the week.
Congrats to srjgolfer for his second win of the segment this week and for being on top of the winter segment standings.   Pebble Beach next week...
Just dropped 4 teams out of the group for being inactive for 3 weeks....4 spots open if anyone wants to join the group.
You get 10 starts per player for the entire season, not for each segment. 
I just deleted one for being inactive for 3 consecutive weeks, and there are 3 more who if they don't change their team for this week will be dropped.    One spot available right now for someone who wants it.
We have a solid league going here with The Sandtrap. I am in the 95th percentile overall with Yahoo, but I am 7th in our league... good picking so far guys, except for WWBDD for not taking Tiger
I have seen them on eBay at times, but not cheap...guys asking about $30-$40 per grip.
Depends on whether you want to preserve the starts...are these 2 guys you may use all 10 of their starts for the season? I don't think I would for the maybe 10 extra points max you might get. That being said, if Tiger torches it tomorrow and you end up switching him in on the weekend, you would burn the start anyways....Long way of saying MAYBE  I have used that strategy at this tourney before, but I tried to do it with guys I wouldn't be using all 10 starts for in the...
Congrtas to The Groove Tube for winning The Sony Open week.   Groupings are now up in Yahoo. Good luck this week.
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