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Depends on whether you want to preserve the starts...are these 2 guys you may use all 10 of their starts for the season? I don't think I would for the maybe 10 extra points max you might get. That being said, if Tiger torches it tomorrow and you end up switching him in on the weekend, you would burn the start anyways....Long way of saying MAYBE  I have used that strategy at this tourney before, but I tried to do it with guys I wouldn't be using all 10 starts for in the...
Congrtas to The Groove Tube for winning The Sony Open week.   Groupings are now up in Yahoo. Good luck this week.
Congrats to El Cid on a whopping 231 points for the week and 1st place.    Hopefully the Sony Open will go more smoothly with its schedule. You will need to set your roster by the end of the day Wednesday. Good luck.
Yes this week has been frustrating with all the delays and Yahoo pool is not usually this frustrating. You can still change your final round roster for 2 more hours as indyvai pointed out, you just have to click on week 1 above your roster and it will go back to the Tournament of Champions.   Hopefully the rest of the season has few delays...
Points for rounds one and 2 are now posted on the Yahoo site. You can also now make changes to your roster for the final round if you want to. You have until 9:10 AM PST to make the changes.
Probably worth it. Points are awarded out of how they do each round. If a player is best on the day, they get the max points for that round, but if they crapped the bed the next round and shot +6, they may get 0 points for the round. After final round, top 3 get bonus points: first is bonus 20, second is bonus 10 and third is bonus 5. So if your guy places the bonus points can really help your weekly total points and may be worth burning the start, especially if it is...
Yes you can, but you will lose a start for each player you put in play, even if it is just for one round. If you look to the right of your roster, it will give you the deadlines for roster changes for each round. This week with all the delays etc... has been messed up, but it isn't usually like that.   good luck.
No they would be scratched and not counted against our 10 starts. I assume this as I have never been in fantasy golf when a whole tourney has been a wash. If we get any points for the guy and the tourney awards a winner, it probably will count.
Well, this has been a bust for Fantasy Golf so far...just checked Yahoo and you they have reset the deadlines for roster changes again, so if you are having any second thoughts on your roster with the 54 holes tomorrow and 18 on Tuesday, you can still make changes without a start counting against you for who you sub out.    6th year playing Fantasy Golf and I have never seen a tourney with this much disruption.   Good luck to all.
Will do; I will keep weekly updates going on who won the week, if spots open up etc...
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