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I just checked the Yahoo site and they have adjusted the round 1 roster deadline to January 5th at 9:30 AM PST. The other 3 rounds have not been adjusted though, so if you were having second thoughts on who you first picked, you could switch them before this time.
If you switch now, it will be for the second round, and you would still lose a start with whoever you you had in for round one.Yahoo is pretty good, but this issue does come up when rounds get cancelled or delayed as they don't adjust their deadlines for changing your roster to go in line with the new time lines.
We are at 50; urashanker took Jamo's spot.
Thanks Jamo... good luck on the links this year to you.
Perfect!!! And I am shaking in my boots    I am always torn with these tourneys that have no cut....do I use someone I normally wouldn't because they are guaranteed 4 rounds, or go with the big names because it is a small field...You can find out tomorrow which way I went this year 
Hey guys, be sure to set your roster tonight; deadline is 2AM Pacific Time.    Good luck in the first week. We have reached our max of 50 spots, so should be fun.
Max 50 is a Yahoo rule, not mine, so sorry, can't change it. Keep your eye on the forum though as spots will often open up. If anyone is inactive for 3 straight weeks, they get dropped from the group, and I will post here when spots do open up.
Up to 46 guys in the league...room for 4 more.   Tourney starts tomorrow, so make sure you get on Yahoo and make your picks today.   Good luck everyone.
Okay, so maybe I was wrong...I thought in previous years, the pool size was limited to 40, but we are now at 43, so maybe the limit was 50? In any case, we have a great number, and it looks like it is not too late to sign up.   You can now set your team on Yahoo.
Hey guys, we have 37 spots filled so only 3 left. 
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