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Okay, so maybe I was wrong...I thought in previous years, the pool size was limited to 40, but we are now at 43, so maybe the limit was 50? In any case, we have a great number, and it looks like it is not too late to sign up.   You can now set your team on Yahoo.
Hey guys, we have 37 spots filled so only 3 left. 
33 spots filled, 7 left. Things start up this Friday (first tourney is Friday to Monday for some reason), so hopefully we can fill the other 7 spots by then.   Yahoo has updated their field, so you can go ahead and make your picks. I would just check them again Thursday night to make sure there haven't been any WD.
31 spots filled...9 left before we are full.
24 spots filled, 16 more open. Season starts in less than a week, so lets try and fill it up to the max.
Kind of like how the Packers were just crowned last year???
Up to 19 signed up for the Sand Trap fantasy league...21 spots left.
We have 13 joined up so far...room for 40 in total.   Field will be set on Yahoo site for the first tourney on January 2nd, so wait to make your picks until then.
I've never done the Golf Channel's so I am not sure. We have used Yahoo for 4 years now and it has been a good format.
Okay guys; the group has been created. Here are the instructions for registering:   1. Go to http://golf.fantasysports.yahoo.com/ and you need to create your own user name; click on Sign Up Now button. You will have to set up a Yahoo ID too if you don't already have one.   2. Once you have your own user name set up, click on the link for Join a Group, and then Select Join a Private Group.   3. You will then be asked to enter the group ID and Password: Group...
New Posts  All Forums: