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I have been going to demo days over the last few weeks. I am going to buy new irons, and I have narrowed it down to i20 or AP2 712. Love the feel of both of them.   I was a bit worried that the AP 2's wouldn't have the forgiveness I need at times, but I have hit them and was quite surprised at how the ball reacted, even with some mishits. The i20's didn't have quite the same feel as the AP2's but the ball flight etc was great and very consistent. I have read tons of...
8; great balance on the finish, but needs a white belt with the white shoes....
Man, I got kicked in the teeth this week, only had 3 guys make the cut, and two of them were my A guys, so was only getting points from 2 guys for the last 2 rounds...OUCH!
Hit the ZL Encore at a demo day yesterday and am seriously considering it. Great pop off the face and loved the ball flight. The stock shaft was a bit too light for me, so I hit it with a ProForce 65 gram shaft and that seemed to do the trick. Cobra upcharge on the shafts are less than other companies too. Hit the Razr Fit the day before, and their upcharge on the same shaft was $150, whereas Cobra's for that shaft is only $50.    I have a Titleist demo day today,...
Read one tweet that said Bubba is like John Daly without the booze, smoking and women.... I think he will have some serious new deals.... As for the golf, I think it seemed like he is one of those players that once he gets over the initial hump of winning, he will get more comfortable out there.  I wasn't a huge Bubba fan, then saw his interview on Feherty last week and it changed my opinion of him. I was glad to see him win... I think it speaks volumes at the number...
I don't know about that; I got 9 rounds in during February. Live on the East Coast of Vancouver Island. My home course has great drainage and we play year round no problem  
Go Team 8 
Looking forward to The Bag Drop. Thanks for all the info.
I am really looking forward to hitting these; I was thinking of going toward the AP2 712's, but definitely will hit them and the i20's. I am also really interested in the driver; I always fight with too much spin on the driver, and it looks like this is engineered to reduce that. I have read a February release date? 
Let's go Team 8 
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