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Hey guys   We have done a fantasy league through Yahoo the past 4 years. I was commish for a while, someone else did it last year... is there interest in having another one this season?   I can set up the group and get it going if last year's commish doesn't want to do it again.   Post if you are interested.
Cheering for Lepp in the final.
Have the Tour W Wedges for about 6 years now, and really like them. Have been thinking I need to replace them as the face is quite worn, so these look like they could be the winner to replace them.
Went to a demo day that had the tour van and a launch monitor on Wednesday last week. Ended up buying a 10.5 driver with 6.0 Project X shaft and a 15˚ fairway with the 6.0 shaft as well. I hit them both great. Tried it out with a few of the upgrade shafts, but the Project X gave me the best results on the monitor. Should have them both by the end of the week....can't wait.
Got my i20 irons and 20˚ hybrid two and a half weeks ago. I am very happy with their look playability and look. Only concern is cosmetic...they have scuffed up really easily on the face. It is like I have impact tape on them they mark up so much. May just be the finish on them...have the pro I bought them from looking into it for me.
Got my i20's (4-PW with KBS Shafts, and a 20˚ i20 hybrid) on Tuesday and I am extremely happy with them. 3 range sessions and twice on the course with good results. The irons took about 10 days to be delivered which surprised me a bit they came that soon.   Ordered my new driver yesterday. Ended up going with the Cobra Amp, with a Proforce shaft. I was surprised, as I didn't even have this driver on my radar when I started looking. Hit the R11s, Razr Fit, G20, and...
Congrats... My i20 irons got ordered last Monday....everyday I get home I glance in eagerness for the delivery....nothing yet, but hoping for tomorrow so I can use them on the weekend. Got 4-PW with KBS shafts, and an i20 20˚ hybrid. 
Well, I went and got fitted yesterday. I hit both the AP 2's and the i20's. I hit them both good, and really liked the feel of both. I was hitting a 7 iron in the i20 and a 6 iron in the AP 2, and was hitting them about the same yardage. I also found that on some mishit shots, I didn't loose as much yardage with the i20's.   So I went with the i20 irons, 4-PW with stiff KBS shafts. I also hit the i20 hybrid and loved it; thing pretty much sold itself, so I ended up...
When I hit the i20 7 iron, I noticed it went further than my i15's. How much extra distance are you getting from your i20's since you got them?
Thanks XMan, I think I am leaning towards the i20's based on reviews I have read; similar experience to what you have said based on your boss's experience. But man, the forged AP 2's felt like butter....I have had Ping irons for about 8 years now.
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