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Kramer: Full retail's for suckers!
I live in on Vancouver Island. We have pretty good weather, but from November to March, it can get wet. I just have good rain stuff: rain gloves, Dry-Joy Jacket, Nike Rainpants, good shoes, and cord grips. With an umbrella, it's not too bad. Plus when you go out the rounds are quick as the course is pretty empty. I found the key is to not focus on the weather; as soon as it starts to bug you, you get frustrated and have no fun. If it gets in your head, I wouldn't bother.
Got mine in June, and my back has felt much better since then, but, I also started running again about the same time, so it's the chicken and the egg thing. I see a lot of Major League Baseball players are wearing their necklaces too. My friend's father in law is an M.D. and he has read some studies about the benefits of magnets, so, I figured I'd give it a try. If it's only in my head, oh well. I like the look of it too; much better than the Guido gold magnetic...
I had the same problem a few years ago; I went to a Ping demo day with a launch monitor to look at a G5 3 wood. The pro on the launch monitor snuck in a 5 wood on me, and I had no problem getting it into the air, and the distance wasn't that far off. He told me I should go for that and put in a 3 wood shaft to get some extra distance with the longer shaft. I did this and have been really happy with it. It's good off both the tee and the deck.
Great job!! It's alwys nice when hard work pays off. My goal last year was to break 80 and I did it twice; it's a nice feeling of accomplishment that you can bring to other parts of your life. Once again another example of how golf applies to life! Keep up the hard work!
I would be asking for an apology and assurances that it won't happen again; I would also be asking what the consequences would be if it did happen again. I wouldn't go in asking for a free round as it may make the pro question your motives; if he offered it, I'd take it, but I wouldn't ask for it.
I would do #4 of your options, and then #3. Talk to the assistant and tell him how upset you are and the fact that it was his screw up in the first place (not getting off the phone and giving you a receipt) that started the whole fiasco. I would then go to the head pro and explain it to him. Anyone in that position who starts dropping f-bombs needs to have things explained to him; completely unacceptable. As for the Ranger, I agree most are worse than mall-cops when it...
Phil's comments on NBC right after he won may lend some insight; he is first in the 'Playoff' race and strongly considering fanning the BMW next week. This would never be discussed if it was a major next week. I for one have enjoyed the playoff format more than I thought I would. It brings out most of the players, and I like the extra game in it of seeing who is on the bubble to continue next week. I also like the end of the season regarding the top 125 for the same...
Good on ya; it looks cool but I think I'd have a hard time looking down at it and pulling the trigger.
every putter needs a little time in the sin bin; let it know who's boss and it'll it come around
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