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cool story bro.
Golfcart22,   how are you liking that 910h??  I am very interested in one.   What loft is in yours? Whats the shaft and its flex? and what position are you at??   They feel a lot better that the 909 imo.   Appreciate the response..   -Whitey
scratch wedges or die. 8620 series is superb.
The Titleist AP2 iron is amazing, and I absolutely love mine.  They cut like butter when you catch them right, and have a surprising amount of forgiveness, something that will always help.  I can work them consistantly both ways, and they look great at address, and I would buy the exact same set I bought 5 months ago if you gave me $600 dollars today.  I highly recommend, and let me know if you have any other questions.   Cheers. 
I had my coach throw in a new shaft in my burner 5 wood head. Driver club head speed for myself is about 103 but im not sure if that means anything at all.  Anyways, he threw a Fujikara shaft and the flex said "R2" right next to it. He did everything for free and said he tipped the shaft an inch and told me that it would play just under a stiff, which fits my swing speed.   So my question is, what does "tipping" a shaft mean???  I would have to guess he took an inch...
The improved durability is true, as stated in the "fact" column of the link I have provided.    As for the shredding, Vokey's are rediculous and they will continue to chew any mid-high spin ball apart.  I guess if you pay for the spin milled, you shall get all the spin you desire. :DDD  The shredding was the main reason that I replaced all of my Vokeys.  There are other sensible solutions that won't rip balls to shreds.  
titleist ap2 for sure. they look great and feel even better. i got 3-pw new with S300 for $600. just takes patience.  highly recommended a must hit.
  I have confirmed that Titleist will be releasing a new version of at least the ProV1 and ProV1x this Spring.  My coach works with Titleist and has some sort of club and ball deal with them and gave me a free sleeve of the brand new 2011 series ProV1.  At first glance it looks the exact same as the previous model, except for the new font titled "<---ProV1--->" on the sides.  The sleeve that I recieved came in a white box, with a sticker titled ProV1 that someone...
the chew up balls so fast its a joke.  Even when though mine is over a year old it will still destroy a ProV1 with ease.  They feel good sure, but if I ever hit a low spinner, the ball is gone.
keep the nike and the scotty
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