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 Doesn't necessarily look that way from the card. Unless you are sticking approach shots inside 15' you shouldn't expect too many 1 putts. If anything you are losing strokes by not getting up and down when you miss the green and that likely by not getting close enough to give yourself a chance. Of course, if you are stuffing everything to 5' and can't make the putts, that's a different story altogether.
 If you have the ear of someone there: Features: 1. Allow some support for marking the hole location while on the course (either by an extra putt, or a separate tag). 2. Add a GHIN-type warning for obvious errors when signing a round: "You are signing a round with a 450yard drive", is that correct? 3. Ask what tees are being played so the slope/rating/differential can be displayed with your scores. Bugs: 1. If you edit a round and move a putt from off the green to on the...
 When you review your round you have the option to mark a putt as on/off the green. For shot averages they show the median, not mean, and I believe they are ignoring shots that are significantly shorter than the median.
Here's my latest round. Completely forgot how to swing my short irons at the turn: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/frosty/round/97945   I while playing I noted my L/R misses to make a shot-zone for my driver and currently have on that is 65w X 35 d (using 12 of 14 drives). I need to improve that just a touch...   I'm thinking of teeing off with the 3w from the deck next time out to get that club figured out too.
URL: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/frosty Username: frosty Real Name: Mark Frost
 Which doesn't really help because their search is by real-name only, apparently. However you can get there just fine with http://gamegolf.com/players/iacas (as I figured out after some running around getting Eric's real name). The other odd thing is that I don't see any way to discover who a particular user follows.  If you want to encourage discoverability and all the 'social' whatnot this is a bit of a wet blanket.
 This is the thread in question: http://thesandtrap.com/t/25109/rule-question-on-paula-creamer
 The unit only vibrates (and beeps, quietly) when tagging (at least in my experience).
  3-4/0.5Meaning of "Test the Condition of the Hazard" in Rule 13-4aQ.What is meant by "test the condition of the hazard" in Rule 13-4a?A.The term covers all actions by which the player could gain more informa­tion about the hazard than could be gained from taking his stance for the stroke to be made, bearing in mind that a certain amount of digging in with the feet in the sand or soil is permitted when taking the stance for a stroke.Examples of actions that would not...
 I should emphasize that the missing strokes were all because I forgot to tag the shots, not that the device failed to register somehow. Other people might have an easier time integrating the tatting into their pre-shot (or post-shot) routines...
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