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 An advantage against whom? If you tramp all over a players line they are entitled to have the line of putt restored to the condition it was in when their ball came to rest. If you are doing it to spite the group behind you your fellow competitors can fix them. Either case could be considered a serious breach of etiquette and you would be penalized accordingly.
Opponent or fellow competitor? Did you sinking the putt win the hole? Did your opponent object to the repairs?   If this was match play and you won the hole there is no penalty because play of the hole is over.   It this is stroke play you incur a penalty under 1-2 and if your opponent approves of the action (tacitly or otherwise) he is penalized under 13-2   This is the relevant decision:   13-2/36 Competitor Sanctions Repair of Spike Damage on His Line of Putt...
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/frosty/round/111543   Not my best effort.   I want to blame my poor putting (completely lost my stroke, can't convince myself to hit the ball hard enough). but the bigger problem was my approach shots being far more erratic than they usually are.
 Nothing, really. It is roughly equivalent to an umbrella or ball retriever. Just don't take any practice swings with it.
I was thinking about this over the weekend and am considering one of these to aid in my searches:   http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200625337_200625337   Just have to be careful not to move your ball in the process...
Maybe I'm missing something, but is there really no 'scorecard view' that shows Score, FairwayHit, GIR, putts, for a round? The round summary gives averages (and the round-review before posting shows at least some of that data) but I can't find a way to glance back at a previous round?   One other thing I'd love to see is a way to look at per-hole performance across rounds (what is my GIR% on this hole this year? driving average? scoring average?). They have basic Par 3,...
 Doesn't necessarily look that way from the card. Unless you are sticking approach shots inside 15' you shouldn't expect too many 1 putts. If anything you are losing strokes by not getting up and down when you miss the green and that likely by not getting close enough to give yourself a chance. Of course, if you are stuffing everything to 5' and can't make the putts, that's a different story altogether.
 If you have the ear of someone there: Features: 1. Allow some support for marking the hole location while on the course (either by an extra putt, or a separate tag). 2. Add a GHIN-type warning for obvious errors when signing a round: "You are signing a round with a 450yard drive", is that correct? 3. Ask what tees are being played so the slope/rating/differential can be displayed with your scores. Bugs: 1. If you edit a round and move a putt from off the green to on the...
 When you review your round you have the option to mark a putt as on/off the green. For shot averages they show the median, not mean, and I believe they are ignoring shots that are significantly shorter than the median.
Here's my latest round. Completely forgot how to swing my short irons at the turn: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/frosty/round/97945   I while playing I noted my L/R misses to make a shot-zone for my driver and currently have on that is 65w X 35 d (using 12 of 14 drives). I need to improve that just a touch...   I'm thinking of teeing off with the 3w from the deck next time out to get that club figured out too.
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