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Reading this book finally convinced me to schedule a series of winter lessons to work on my full swing mechanics. In previous years I had dedicated a large percentage of my (admittedly meager) practice time on partial wedge shots and putting but the combination of that book, the data from GameGolf and some radical honesty on my part convinced me of what I should have done years ago. I'm about half-way into rebuilding my full swing with the help of a good instructor and a...
  The software engineer in me feels compelled to point out that GolfShot appears to have received a patent on their (neither novel or non-obvious) Smart Lock Screen feature which leaves a really sour taste in my mouth. They basically reimplemented the non-patented (but arguably patentable) GameGolf system using an android phone and then grabbed some software patents to try to block others from doing the same.  
 If you really want to experiment on the cheap go with these: 10x 30mm outdoor NFC tags with hole
Looks like Golf Pad GPS has recently launched a GameGolf alternative. I started a thread about it here:   http://thesandtrap.com/t/80385/golfpad-gps-releases-its-own-tagging-system-gamegolf-arccos-alternative
Details here: https://www.golfpadgps.com/tags/start   They took GameGolf's NFC tag approach so there are not batteries involved. You have to tag every shot (No automatic shot detection) but there is no separate data uploading step since the data is already on your phone. Price is $99 which is by far the most affordable system out there (currently). It is currently Android only but that will likely change.   I figured it was only a matter of time before some other...
 On the website go to Explore -> courses and type in one close to you. It will show you all the activity at that course. 
 I endorse that 100% My first rounds with GG were pseudo-competitive and the fumbling, forgetting, backtracking, misremembering ("did I already tag this club?") and such probably cost me a few strokes (and my data was so jumbled I don't think I ended up signing the rounds anyway...
 Agree 100% here. The "distance buckets are far too granular as well. Why not just provide a slider with min/max handles for distance and a multi-select menu for clubs? That gives you every possible combination.
 First, a GPS app on your phone does not provide the same information, it provides more.Your phone can give your a yardage from anywhere (adjacent fairway, for instance) and can do all the triangulation math for you. Second, even if it is the 'same information', this is akin to the "gallery rule" lost ball justification. A tour pro can pay for a yardage book so I should be able to a phone as a substitute.
Here is the USGA flow-chart on DMDs.
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