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6/5: Chipping into the bucket in the garage (it's more of a try really) for 5 minutes going between a piece of lumber and my fairway/rough turf mat.
6/4: Mirror swings again. Focusing on legwork and balance.
6/3: 5 minutes in front of the mirror trying to get squared up at address and feeling a swing with the body instead of just the arms.
6/2: went to the range after work. Short game practice then a bucket of balls for the full swing. First time i have hit balls in two weeks or so, but things felt good overall. I took some video that i need to edit and post to my swing thread.
Okay, Back in the saddle. Let's see if I can do better than last month...     6/1: 5 minutes doing slow swings in the mirror focusing on a steady head, where my weight is during the swing. Also worked on my putting setup (eyes over the ball, looking straight out instead of down my nose).
If the GPS is not accurate enough for this, why does the analysis give you distance to the hole in feet for approach shots?It seems very inconsistent to me to say that the marking the hole location is unimportant becuase the distances won't be accurate and telling me I hit an 8i to 9ft last week in the same breath.
Is it realistic to think you can put four guys, their luggage, their clubs, and their travel bags into a mid-size SUV? When I go on a trip to Florida with some guys we are lucky to get four guys and their luggage into a minivan or a full-size suburban.   It gets even worse if people want to bring their sarcophagus cases instead of a soft-sided travel bag...
 That makes sense. GG was shorter right? If they are just measuring Lat/Long differences and ignoring elevation they will show shorter distances than the laser. What distance did you laser? What did GG say? With that info it is a simple trigonometry problem to guess the elevation change.
Well I'm out. Typed up my post for the 8th and never submitted it... 5/8: I'm getting geared up for a round tomorrow so I spent a good ten minutes today (spread out over several mini-sessions) confirming my address and top-of-backswing positions, making some slow swings paying attention to weight placement, and hitting a dozen short chips into (or at least "toward") my bucket trying to glide through the ball rather than stabbing at it.   Hoping to break 80 tomorrow, but...
5/7: Spent 5 minutes on mirror work for my putting stance this morning. Take stance, check in mirror, back away, repeat.   For some reason I have started hunching up and getting everything out of position which in turn makes everything look wrong when I'm standing over the ball which then kills the old confidence (and leads to horrible, horrible, things like 4-putts...)
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