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 I endorse that 100% My first rounds with GG were pseudo-competitive and the fumbling, forgetting, backtracking, misremembering ("did I already tag this club?") and such probably cost me a few strokes (and my data was so jumbled I don't think I ended up signing the rounds anyway...
 Agree 100% here. The "distance buckets are far too granular as well. Why not just provide a slider with min/max handles for distance and a multi-select menu for clubs? That gives you every possible combination.
 First, a GPS app on your phone does not provide the same information, it provides more.Your phone can give your a yardage from anywhere (adjacent fairway, for instance) and can do all the triangulation math for you. Second, even if it is the 'same information', this is akin to the "gallery rule" lost ball justification. A tour pro can pay for a yardage book so I should be able to a phone as a substitute.
Here is the USGA flow-chart on DMDs.
 If you contact customer support they can 'unsign' your rounds so you can edit/delete them. (at least that was the case during the summer).
  I've also toyed with keeping it in my left front pocket. 
 A course near me had a similar issue on a particular par 5 (downhill dogleg right from the tee with a very large house right at the corner. Clearing the house with a fade left you with a wedge into the green while playing to the fairway put you 200-something away. They solved the problem by building two new holes around the back of the driving range and turning that hole (and the next) into 'practice holes'.
 An advantage against whom? If you tramp all over a players line they are entitled to have the line of putt restored to the condition it was in when their ball came to rest. If you are doing it to spite the group behind you your fellow competitors can fix them. Either case could be considered a serious breach of etiquette and you would be penalized accordingly.
Opponent or fellow competitor? Did you sinking the putt win the hole? Did your opponent object to the repairs?   If this was match play and you won the hole there is no penalty because play of the hole is over.   It this is stroke play you incur a penalty under 1-2 and if your opponent approves of the action (tacitly or otherwise) he is penalized under 13-2   This is the relevant decision:   13-2/36 Competitor Sanctions Repair of Spike Damage on His Line of Putt...
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/frosty/round/111543   Not my best effort.   I want to blame my poor putting (completely lost my stroke, can't convince myself to hit the ball hard enough). but the bigger problem was my approach shots being far more erratic than they usually are.
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