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http://www.gamegolf.com/player/frosty/round/524714   Won my second round of the Club Championship yesterday 5 and 3.   Looking through the LSW lens:   Best choices: --Not shooting for back pins: There were a couple long pins ( #1, #11, #14, #16) that I consciously backed away from and that probably saved me from missing at least 2 greens. --Playing for safety off the tee: Many of the holes are wide open but I tried to chose lines that left me the widest margin for...
Shot 78 on my home course to win 5 and 3. Didn't shoot my intended 74 to win 7 and 5 but I'm not complaining. Haven't really touched a club since I played almost two weeks ago and my wedge play was really erratic. I completely flew 3 greens from inside 80 yards (not sure how that works) and hit a few curious drives, but I was able to scramble well enough and hit shots when it counted. Next stop is my semifinal match (from a starting field of 16 in the A flight) and I...
Playing the second round of my club Championship tomorrow. Going to shoot 72 and win 6 and 5.
Shot a 73 last Saturday to advance to the next round of the club Championship. Beat my poor opponent 7 and 6 (we were both playing off 7). Now I have to get my next match in before the handicap revisions in two weeks drops my index below 6...
 A follow up to my "What will you shoot tomorrow post": I ended up going 40-39-79 no birdies, seven bogies. Shot of the day was a long bunker shot (20yds) that I put inside 3 feet for the par save. Putter was completely wonky the whole day so I couldn't make anything happen on the greens.
Going out to my home track in the morning with high confidence and a game that is, in theory, coming together. I'm guessing a 41-37-78 (70.5/124) with two birdies, 5 bogies and one double (the double will be on one of the first three holes).
Played three rounds while on vacation last week: 80, 78, 83.   Some things were really working for me, others not so much. Most interesting bit was that I played the back nine of my 78 round +2 with only 12 putts and hitting only 2 GIR. I was a scrambling machine (including 2 sand saves).
It probably warrants a shake-down cruise to make sure it's installed right, but the attachment systems for these things are pretty reliable these days. For me, I leave the clubs up there because they only fit in the back diagonally and that makes packing the other things a bit of a nightmare.
I put this on top of my wagon (Audi A4) for trips in the summer and it has been great for the past few years: Thule Evolution 1600     It is quiet on the highway (a little extra wind noise, but no whistling) and doesn't ding me too badly on gas mileage and allows me to pack about twice as much stuff.
6/5: Chipping into the bucket in the garage (it's more of a try really) for 5 minutes going between a piece of lumber and my fairway/rough turf mat.
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