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Personally, I would not play a set of golf clubs where the inherent flex plane of the shaft had not been determined and oriented correctly in relation to the clubface.  
Titanium/metal driver heads are generally filled with a foam that deadens sound.  In the old days this was not the case and is how Ping got it's name - through the distinctive ping sound it made at impact.  I can only guess that your driver head does not incorporate this foam.  Unless your driver head is otherwise defective, this does not affect performance whatsoever.  You can purchase a can of this foam from any component supplier (GolfWorks, Golfsmith, Hireko, etc.)...
Generally speaking, what the pros play and what you buy are two different things.  Personally, I have never met a professional golfer whose equipment was not significantly modified from stock, and in some cases were never stock to begin with.  A case in point is that when Golfsmith purchased Lynx, part of the inventory received was special clubhead molds for Fred Couples.  These molds varied significantly from what Lynx was selling to the public.  In fact the only...
onthehunt526,   You would have to ask Phil Scott (Adam Scott's father) as well as Jaacob Bowden (European PGA Tour) as well as 100+ golf pros playing single-length clubs throughout the USA if they would agree with you.  Although it is too late, you could have asked Moe Norman who is considered the best ball striker who ever lived and played single-length golf clubs his entire competitive career if he would agree with you.  
We are led to believe that longer golf clubs produce greater swing speeds on a linear scale and thus more distance. This is the explanation given for the 1/2 inch increase in club length between the individual irons and woods within a conventional set of golf clubs. In actuality, the only static factor that results in distance changes between clubs is the difference in the loft angle of the club-head. Our testing has shown conclusively that there is absolutely no...
You might find the following article interesting concerning grip size:  Grip Sizing
Before one starts to fall into the trap of over-analyzing the specifications of their golf equipment they should read the following article:  Conventional Club Design
Unfortunately, it is impossible to either build or convert a set of golf clubs for single-length play using conventional club-heads.  Conventional iron club-heads are progressively weighted in 7 gram increments from the #3 iron through the wedges.  In addition to this, conventional club-head lie angles increase in approximately 0.5º increments from the #3 iron through the wedges.  In other words, a conventional #3 iron club-head typically weighs 240 grams and has a...
Another company that offers single-length irons is GRIA Golf:  www.griagolf.com
Here is a link to an interesting article about single-length clubs by professional golfer Jaacob Bowden:  Swingman Golf    
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