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We've had a league on Yahoo twice now..   one was 3 years ago, one was last year.. why don't we just restart that one?   we played for $20 last year using leaguesafe.
I Knew it!!! something simple and intuitive.. yes my body doesn't rotate much past original position.. maybe i'm lazy. maybe i "feel" like a half swing = half rotation.   ok gonna go work it out today.. thanks guys! awesome..
When i'm hitting a full swing, no problem.. but sometimes i want to ease up and hit a 3/4 swing with a PW or AW..   i'd say majority of the time I pull this shot..   Why is that? i know the answer is probably something really obvious.. am i just rotating too fast b/c my backswing isn't as far back as a full swing?   And i guess what are ideas for a fix..?
Yah he's a bright guy.. extremely well spoken.. articulates his thoughts.. doesn't spew trash just to hype things.   And yah he can be a punk at times and that gets a bit annoying, but as a football player.. is there anyone who does NOT wish he was on your team?  Legion of Boom!   Go Hawks!
LOL my bad.  need to learn to read better.. maybe a stanford education would've helped. ;)
  That comment tells me you either don't understand the game or didn't watch the game.. he did virtually nothing all game - more like nothing really happened with him... b/c he was targeted twice.. once he got called on a ridiculous BS holding penalty.the second time it was game over.. if you're a corner back and passes are never thrown your way, what can you do all game? NOT have anything happen IS a great game.  SF with 150 yards passing all game, and he did nothing? ...
Thanks for the games guys.. great season. Slice of Life.. dude.. so sad.. play well all season only to get picked off right at the end.. kinda like the Dallas Cowboys.. ;)
Started 0-5, and ultimately probably need 1 more win to get in, and 0-5 is too hard to overcome..   good season guys.. good fun.   all the best in playoffs
started 0-5.. now 4-5, and 1 game out of playoff spot.. it's not over yet! :)   and yes i paid.
btw. the team that lost to 52 pts is just unlucky. Arian foster with 1 pt, Cutler with 0.12 pts.  it's not that he didn't set line up.. he just had horrible luck haha   the 52 pt guy didn't set line up that's for sure. :)
New Posts  All Forums: