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Yet again the Ryder Cup reveals just how over-rated and over-hyped Woods and Mickelson are weekly on the PGA Tour.
He is very aggravating to watch play... very slow and takes forever to putt. I agree. Its hype. and with the Monkey / Beetles part too.
Every Human has differing levels of ability...whether that be physical or mental abilities. Putting is no different. As I have always said, some people, even though semi-athletic and in decent physical shape couldn't break 80 if they played, were coached, and practiced everyday for 10 years. Can most folks improve? Sure, but we all have our physical limits.
I agree, good point. Also, don't try and hit the ball with your hands. Also keep you upper body and head still.
Yea. I agree. Why not blade a 4 iron or a 7 iron.
Writing something controversial (or stupid) media folk famous. It's their job to make Joe Average talk about their articles... Seems to be working once again.
...as you can now see, differing opinion aren't allowed in here. You must be assimilated and join the Collective. (from Star Trek - The Borg)
About 15 yrs ago, in our small rural hometown we had a guy build a Driving Range and Skeet Range side by side. Seriously.
Does one play basketball on hardwood Gym floors with Florsheims on? Can you play Hockey in short and tennis shoes? Each game has its traditions and rules.
congrats on the progress.
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