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Yeah as far as that region is concerned I would check out the http://www.fairwaygolftour.com/newdesign/    know 1 guy who played in that and had a good experience. They pay out more. I sure wish I lived in an area that had a tour like that. Otherwise I will settle for GolfChannels AM Tour
ahh heres the link   http://www.dmoz.org/Sports/Golf/Organizations/Mini-Tours/     not all tours are on here but most should be
depends on where you live and what type of tour you are looking into   tours like the adams tour and egolf tour and hooters tour are minor league level tours along with Gateway Tour...   then you have succesful state tours like the Pepsi Golf tour which Ben Tateel (sandtrap member) plays on.   If you look at mini tour play under the tour forum , search mini tour. you will find on one of the first pages a link that Ben posted to a site with links to every mini...
i didnt say you had to buy it. I said you had to have the intent / anyone can have intent
correct me if im wrong and very well might be. But i thought he rarely played in the pebble feb pro am which this year is his old sponsor AT & T...   I would like to see tiger play a tournament at a location he rarely ever goes. Like St Jude or John Deere classic just to see how he plays on a course he doesnt play all the time.
So i like their Z TP wedge but they are no longer making it.   I thought the changable face wedge was cool but a gimmick.   If you look at all website stores they are no longer stocking any TM wedges. Also TM's website doesnt even have a good wedge selection in their shop. They have RH 56* change face wedges.   I feel like they know they made a mistake with their change face wedges and are working on something new... I wouldnt think a company like TM just...
got trade the guy and their not making any money on it. Unfortunately I have to wait for the second taylor made shipment which is mid feb
Hit the r11 again last night and ordered my r11 today and cant wait to put it in play. like you todd a white grip will be going on in within minutes.   It feels good and the rep I know lowered my price to 200 so I couldnt pass it up  
i went last night to my local GG.   The rule was you had to demo the driver with intent to buy it to receive gift card. After Demo'ing the driver you are given the gift card. I was 8th in line at my store and arrived at 11pm. I was going to buy the driver if I got good value on trade (didnt get good value) so passed. My buddy is good friends with the TM rep and the rep is giving me one for 200.    Nonetheless the GG only sold 2 r11 drivers but sold two r11 bags...
how do u like the cleveland putter
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