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Anybody else hear a beeping on the President's Cup Broadcast?
21 for me   Shake hands with Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus--No Play the Old Course at St.Andrews, Scotland--Not Yet Play Pebble Beach--Not Yet Lower your handicap at least five stokes in one year--Yes Make a hole-in-one (or at least witness one)--Kinda---put one in from the tee, it just counted as three (First tee shot went OB behind green). Make at least three birdies in a row--No Play at least 54 holes in one day--Don't think so Be the first to tee off at...
Haha, I grew up an Irish fan in Indiana but went to Michigan.  One of the best rivalries in sports.   This years game is going to be awesome, first night game at Michigan Stadium.       This was kinda my thinking hard to justify at that price, and I believe it is probably a fair price for the amount of work that would have to be done.     Does anyone know if you can blueprint the irons later on down the road, i.e. a year or two after buying them?    
I am going to get some new clubs in the next few months and will be getting fit at a local custom club-builders shop.  The question I now have, is whether blueprinting the clubs is a worthwhile investment for a mid to high handicap golfer, especially at $35 - $50 per club depending on the shaft.     Thoughts?
Okay, I am planning on upgrading my eight year old driver this spring and going to a club fitter to get properly fit for a new one, I would like to the R11 but will defer to his judgment.  The other thought I had was whether or not I should also get fit for new irons.  I have some nike slingshots that I play and like except I am getting tired of looking at steam shovels every time I address the ball.  I would also like to get properly fitted irons.     Should I break...
I can't speak to enis' experience, but I find the Ogio Grom to be a great bag. I have not had trouble with the legs, other than the black tension piece breaking, which Ogio replaced free of charge. I would recommend the Ogio Grom, but there are a lot of great bags out there, and from the constant debates on Golfwrx, the Grom, Tity X86, Tity Premium, and Sun Mountain Four5 always seem to be at the top of the list.
I tend to agree with a lot of what Erik said. I have no idea the pressure he is under, and the pressure he places on himself to be the best. I am a Tiger fan, but it does bother me a little and is hard to defend at the morning gressy spoon when some older guys claim he is acting like a baby. One thing, with the way the media guys continually beat into their audience the way his father used to try and get into his head, you would think he would be better at...
Michigan vs. Ohio State...aka The Game! I am biased, but there is nothing like it. Go to one of the games and you will understand. Go Blue 105701, are you going to change your name when they get the stadium finished?
cutting the shaft down is only part of the equation as if you are also changing the swingweight of the club. Going to a club fitter to get the work done ensures that the club will be both the lenght you need and the proper swingweight, or at a swingweight you are comfortable with.
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