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This is true. DSLR video capability is nothing to scoff at. That said, when I bought my 40D and for any future bodies I purchase, video won't be something I'm looking for. I am personally buying a DSLR to take photos, not video. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but I HIGHLY recommend the next lens you buy be the AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D ("Nikkor" is the manufacturer name Nikon uses for their lenses). It's a VERY sharp lens and has great low-light...
Lots of good info on that site, but, dear god, is it ever a horribly designed website.
You might want to work on your sarcasm if everyone else takes it as truth. Now THAT'S some fine sarcasm.
Sorry, but your first two posts in this thread have nothing to do with you stating your opinion. That's not an opinion of what you would do. That's you coming off as being high and mighty. That's not you opinion of what you would do either. That's you projecting your beliefs onto another person. If you just want to state your opinion of what you would do, it would have looked something like this: "I would have taken the Penta, but I also would have replaced it with a...
Maybe it's because I'm from Winnipeg, but for 45ºF (7ºC), you don't really need any special type of clothing. Jeans, shirt, jacket, and you're good. But if you really want warm clothes, get yourself some Merino wool clothing. Wearing layers are the best thing you can do to keep yourself warm because each layer creates a pocket of warm air between itself and the next layer.
Same. Except I putt to a shot glass instead of a water bottle.
I was having a lot of problems with my weight in putting. I could hit it straight, and read the breaks decently, but I've always been somewhat gun-shy when it came to actually hitting the ball. I didn't want to end up hitting it six feet past the hole and then have a difficult second putt, so I ended up wimping out of a lot of putts and leaving it six feet short, which didn't help anything. I decided to try putting with my eyes closed to see if I could get better...
How is the photo gay? Because he's a man who's naked? Are you naked when you have sex with a woman? Oh shit, you must be gay! This thread is just really disappointing.
I can appreciate the work it takes to maintain a healthy physique. The same way I can appreciate Utley's putting, or Furyk's bunker play. He has obviously put a lot of work into being healthy and having a good physique. "But he's a MAN... eeewwww!" I'll stop now so you can continue giggling like a little school girl.
I don't get it. Losing your lunch? Burning your eyes? That guy has an awesome body, and one I'm sure all of us would gladly trade for. He is in amazing physical condition and that alone is admirable. I don't mind seeing a mostly naked man on the cover of a magazine as long as he is in good physical condition. Time to grow up a little, fellas.
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