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I love walking, I play better when i walk because i get loosened up faster, clear my head after bad shots, and i am able to view the course and plan my shots better.  I walk 36 holes a day at my club on the weekend,  I found the easiest way to not get fatigued is to be constantly snaking on power bars, granola bars, and/or fruit. I also play in walking gangs and the group is mostly older people, there are even a few women that are in their late 60's with a power push...
I try to hit straight most the time, and i plan my shots so i dont have to put myself in that position.  Why is everyone so worried about "working" the ball, there are so many more important parts of your game you should be working on if you are a bogey golfer. 
Ha Ha Ha, I went through a year and a half of physical therapy,  It still gets a little sore when i play more than 6-7 rounds a week.  I tried multiple hybrids all fall and through out the winter,  I just cant hit them like i can my long irons. I think is is a mental block i have.  Well now i carry driver and then 4iron, i cant hit all the par 5s in two but i will be close and in the fairway. 
Well last year i hurt my thumb and i gave it 3 months to heal, so i went out today for the first time this year and it started bothering me.  I think i damaged some muscles where my thumb joins my hand.  I am looking for a golf glove that will support my thumb, any suggestions?
Me too, I tend to be more "in tune" with the course when i walk. I score better when i walk i think because it keeps me loose throught the round.
I just hate it when a course requires you to use a cart for no reason, many of my favorite courses are very walkable but carts are required. A few weeks back i was playing and my buddy and i were in a cart, so by the 3rd hole i decided to unstrap and walk. By the 6th hole the ranger pulled up and told me to get back in the cart, I tried to explain to him that walking was faster than riding but he didnt belive me so i got back in. I do realize that some courses are...
I have one and i LOVE it, it locks on quick and it is very easy to use. the ergonomics are good and the rubberized cover is very nice. I am able to get the yardage to the pin within a second or two. I just wish that i did not wait so long to get one, I have nothing bad at all to say about it.
last week it was a 490 yard par 5 with the wind at our back, i hit a great drive and it hit a yardage marker in the middle of the fairway. I was 137 yards out with a PW, my ball hit 2 feet behind the hole and went in, that was my first double eagle.
I had the same exact problem when i started hitting it, but then it all came together and it has been amazing.
I have on and i love it. It is the longest and most accurate driver i have hit IMHO, i will be holding on to it for a while.
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