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Definitely weaken your grip-this will allow more wrist hinge also but in addition you need to try pausing at the top, slowing the transition, this gives you time to get your lower body moving ahead on the downswing. The quick transition will cause pull hooks or nasty duckies. If you are flipping, slowing the downswing transition also helps with that too. In any case, most problems are grounded in trying to rush the downswing in an effort to hit the ball further. Slower...
Hands ahead at address helps alot to create lag unless one comes out of the spine angle during the swing. I have trained my swing to have a little pause at the top which allows time for the lower body to get ahead which automatically puts the hands ahead of the clubhead at impact. pause at the top is the key or at least don't rush the transition. Most touring pro's I know practice slowing their transition when on the range. Watch them next time you are at a tournament,...
Try standing farther from the ball at address, keep the left foot down on backswing, and let the right elbow drop down not out on the downswing.
Therefore I will stay with my other sites which are normal/faster.
1. No one really cares about Tiger 2. No one wants him to win anything 3. After 36 years of instruction, Tiger still needs lessons?? 4. Foley is just another huckster, ie. Harmon, haney, and the rest. 5. learn and practice the fundamentals and you will play great golf.
Try these things: pause a little at the top to give your hips time to turn, you may be rushing just a tad make sure you are completing your backswing, this gives more impetus to the downswing and hip turn.
Quite honestly, I doubt that anyone really cares about anything Tiger is doing. If he plays well next year, he will still not have alot of folks who care and if he plays poorly-like this year-he will have some sort of excuse. Tiger needs to just go away, there are so many now who outplay him. He's like some old punch drunk prize fighter, the public needs to keep shoving him aside.
Ludicrous, that's all I can say but again most golf mags. are rags and are driven by ads not by quality of instruction. Tell any teaching pro that stuff and watch them roll on the floor.
One of his hookers asked him for his scent on a headcover so when he was not with her she could still pretend he was. No one should do anything Tiger does including stupid tricks to re-gain his feel
A former teacher of mine, phil ritson, used to term it "duck feet" He advocated flaring both feet. The front foot flare is to allow better follow through and the rear foot flare is to allow better shoulder turn. I still do this although minimally.
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