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@tristanhilton85...Nice sticks...sucks your 1st bag got stolen, but it looks like you came out on top.
Good Luck sir...I bet it was a blast.
I watched a video on youtube about callaway that showed how they assembled there irons and I believe the badges are actual weights so they can adjust swingweights...but don't quote me on that.
I have a Callaway FT 4w (2008 model) with a Diamana Blueboard 73g. I think they are some great woods, but seem to get no love. I bomb mine on and off the tee, it could be the shaft...lol. I would give one a try if you are able to find one for a great price. I got mine brand new on globalgolf open box for 89.99 last year and after I traded my old wood I got it for 40.00 with shipping.
No diamond studded platinum...com on man
Sweet, I've been looking at those irons. Did you get them with the uniflex shat? Thats all I seem to see online.
Look at tour edge exotic (TEE). I've read a couple threads on here talking about how great they are. You could also use any 3w in a 13*.
at 19...what a great person
wow I want some now lol...I been wanting some gi irons but these are out of my range...but someone can give them to me...
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