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        I'd do this ;)   Worked really well for him. Beware of the line drawers.
Thanks everyone for the kind words...appreciate the support and keep checking in with Iacas...he knows his STUFF too!
I made the deadline....what do you guys think???
Addison, Illinois(Western Suburb of Chicago)....(2) one day golf schools on July 31st & August 1st. 9am-5pm both days. A lot of before and after pictures throughout the day & a few good PGA Tour stories as well. Email nickstackandtilt@gmail.com for any questions or more info. Nick
Well...we are at 2 right now. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with Andy Plummer. Groups this size don't happen often.
Nice post iacas!
Byron Nelson...
Yeah, sorry about that...I may add some more soon & maybe just reshoot these indoors. Any new video suggestions out there???
Hi guys, Andy Plummer & I will be conducting a 2 day school in Westchester, NY the week of the Travellers Championship. The school will be Thursday & Friday June 24 & 25. The program will run from 9am-5pm both days with lunch included. We would like to get 4 students for the school to ensure EVERYONE an incredible experience. Cost of the school is $1,500 with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for anyone who isn't completely satisfied. It is short notice, but it may be the only...
Up of course...Adam Scott & Tiger Woods do it & they're really good.
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