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every golfer curses on the course. Anyone that says that the have not are just lying to themselves. When you have that much money at stake on a round of golf your gonna get pissed when you mess up. This is how they make their living.
He takes forever to hit the ball. i would have to say Vijay Singh I saw hit practice at the Tx open and he hits it like butter.
I shot a 95 this morning at my home course. I am satisfied with how i played, but I do need to work on my short iron play.
Shot a 94 at the Quarry golf club in SA, TX. Keep in mind I had an 8 and 9 on the back. 44 on the front and 50 on the back. I should have shot lower but I went with risk over reward on the 18th hole. I had not sliced a single drive until 18 which i ended up taking a 9. overall I am really happy with the way i played and my game has improved dramiticlly.
I am registered
I am all for that!!!!!!! Good Idea
I did one tour in Iraq and i also did pumps with 11th and 13th meu. I spent at least 2 years at sea while i was in. I loved seeing the ocean at night. it gives you sense of where you stand in the world.
i almost had to put my foot in some guys ass on a par 3 over water. We had a four some and their was a two some waiting (a guy and his girlfriend) on the tee box. this guy starts yelling at us telling us to hurry up, and telling us we dont know how to play and all this other mess. Keep in mind I am USMC INFANTRY 6'2- 225lbs, and i have a (no better friend, no worst enemy) attitude. so just to piss the guy off i pull the pin and leave it out of the hole just cause he was...
situation always dictates........If the guy is hitting chili dippers all over the green. Then yeah a problem arises, but if he is being methodical about where hes chipping and hes not chipping towards your flag. Why not.
I shot a 95 from the blues at my home course, but in a blistering heat. Not to mention a Sh$$$ swing, but I had to play with what I had. i had to put the driver away and hit a 4 iron on most holes. Over all I tried to keep a good mental attitude.
New Posts  All Forums: