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Being in the glove business we see this a lot. It is very important to purchase a glove that fits properly. A glove that is too big will cause more friction in the palm due to too much leather to bunch up between your hand and grips.
Here is our golf pro Jason Seymour for TeamOlmec. A little shaky tonight, but hit some good shots and helped his team get through the elimination challenge    
Rustic Canyon when the wind is 20-40 mph. Great links style course. Greens are slippery and can't get the ball to stop in the wind. A 78 turns into a 92 real quick.
The Wilsons Ci11 are a great option, but if you want forged and forgiveness, check out the Cobra Amp Forged irons. Loved mine. If you want something with a little more feel, check out the Adams CMB irons. Probably the best irons I have played.  
I think as long as you keep to the proper attire of the golf course you play at, then you will be fine. I personally don't like to see people in jeans and t shirts playing.
The ever changing bag(s) of mine:  
Anyone here a fan of the show? Our pro golfer Jason Seymour is on the show this year and it airs on May 13th 9ET. Here is his Bio from the Golf Channel. http://www.golfchannel.com/media/big-break-mexico-bio-jason-042313/   He is @thagolfer on twitter. If you would like to show your support, that would be very cool. Thanks
Played a round with the 2013 ProV1 & ProV1X. Didn't like the feel off the tee but around the greens was amazing, especially the ProV1X. The Project 5 or Lethal is pretty much a TP5 with a "distance" cover. Also put into play the 2013 Nike 20XI and 20XI-X and preferred the X for spin control off the tee and around the greens. I was very happy with the Srixon Z-Star XV Tour as an all around golf ball. But, I have to say of all these premium golf balls, I will play...
Hey everyone, we will be at the PGA Show in Orlando, booth #387 right next to the indoor range. Come by and say hello, take our grip force challenge and demo the glove. All TST members will get 25% off our glove. Hope to see some of you there.
My opinion is to use a ball that will match your swing speed. All this other stuff really won't matter if you can't compress the ball for it's potential to even be noticed.
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