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Companies like ours are always looking for sales reps.
Hi everyone. I want you all to know that we concluded the 15 glove giveaway a couple weeks ago. If anyone is interested in trying the glove, you can visit our online store www.shop.gettheglove.com and enter coupon code "LEVITEE" for a 25%. This is our way of saying thank you to the TST community.
LeviTee attended the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show in Las Vegas last week and some good press came out of it. The show was a great success. Here are a couple links to reviews and interviews.   http://www.golftalklounge.com   http://www.golfdigest.com   http://www.parstars.com   http://news.yahoo.com  
If you feel the urge to hit golf balls on Antarctica, we will ship a glove to you.:)  
We are now set up to ship worldwide. Thank You  
Your glove was shipped out today. We just got back from the PGA Merchandise Show in Las Vegas and were overwhelmed with the amount of interest the industry has for our glove. Thanks and enjoy the glove.  
At this time we do not offer cadet sizes. The reason is simple, cost. We carry the traditional S, M, M/L, L, XL for men and women Left Hand and Right. 20 different sizes. I would suggest this, if you wear a cadet medium, order a small. Our gloves run a tad big and stretch to fit your hand. We have not had any complaints from those needing cadet sizes. If it doesn't work out, simply return the it and we will refund the glove plus your shipping.  
This coupon code will always be available for the TST members. You guys have been great. Thank You
  Tension starts in the hands and creeps into the other joints and muscles in the body. One thing I teach is that having loose hands helps create a loose core. A lot of beginners and high handicappers are way too stiff and have a hard time turning the club over with their wrists at the moment of impact. The over gripping of the club occurs mostly when we strike the ball. It is our natural tendency to hold on too tight, it happens. The pads between the fingers of our...
LeviTee is attending the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show in Las Vegas August 22-24. It is our official glove release to the golf industry. Our fans, small golf shop owners and local golf courses here in Los Angeles assured us that our glove works and is ready for the big time.   If there are any TST members from Vegas, stop by the Callaway Golf Center August 22 at 5pm for the shows official Demo Night and test new product from us as well as all the top golf...
New Posts  All Forums: