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I have been using a Sun Mountain 3.5 SuperLight Carry bag and have loved it. Here are their cart bags: Click Here
I have 2 gloves I rotate through. I play at least 36 holes per week. Our gloves have a super soft Cabretta leather and hold up very well.
Call it what you want, but the white on green contrast does help. It is my next putter.
DIE ANTWOORD Plastic Beach - Gorillaz Franz Ferdinand Leonard Cohen John Lennon
Another option is the Sun Mountain 3.5 superlight. I heard the Titleist is a re-branded version of the bag.
Found my irons (ping i3's) for $140, plus they gave me the callaway X 5wd too. So, I would say I bought them because of the deal I got.
Picked this Scotty up for $40. It was just rusty. That is the main problem with the Circa 62 model. Anyways, I took the black coating off the club just to the metal and really like it. Starting to paint the circle aim on top red to match the grip. What do you think so far? The replacement which is a great putter BTW. And the rest of the bag?
sunmountain 3.5 superlight. The best bag I have ever owned
In my opinion, if you can pinpoint your problem, the range is a great aid. You need to work on correcting your swing, not an aid.
Mine is my company logo
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