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I play a TM Rescue 2 17* and a 5 25*
The TM Rescues I use are last years models.
I have been using my TM Rescue 17 degree in place of my R7 3 wood. A little easier to hit and I get the same distance, about 240-260. The Rescue is like a modified fairway wood and not so much of a hybrid IMO.
From what I saw, I would shorten your backswing. When you bring the club up too high you need to adjust to bring the club back on plane and through the ball. Sometimes this causes a slice/fade as you come over the top and not through the ball. Also ball placement. Take a few swings and see where you create a divit with all your clubs, that will tell you pretty much where to have the ball in your stance. Stay down on the ball. People think to just have your head down but...
That would be my TM Rescue 5
The Sand Trap Community   LeviTee has been a member on this forum for some time, but I am happy to say we are now able to introduce our product to you. It is called the LeviTee Golf Glove. I would like to use this thread for those with questions about our glove. Our glove has been reviewed by the sand trap staff about a year ago. Here is a little background on the glove:   LeviTee Golf Glove was born from a simple idea one afternoon on the golf course. Our...
I believe to get the best performance from a ball you should have your swing speed measured and go from there. Playing a Prov V as opposed to another ball really won't matter much if the ball can not be compressed to get the most out of the ball. As for bang for the buck, I play the Penta TP. To save a few bucks, I use the practice ball (save $20 per dozen). Or, my buddies who caddy give me a giant bag of barely hit Pro V's every so often.
  I guess what I meant to say was that your normal game improving irons are much more forgiving than the blades and baby blades. I am an 11 handicap like the OP. If every time I played with these clubs left me in pain, I would ditch them. For me, if I can have that legal advantage to hit a club that is easier to hit I would do it.
No doubt they are beautiful clubs, but the thing I don't understand is why do you prefer clubs with a sweet spot the size of a dime when you can play clubs with a larger sweet spot. Both legal to play. Just curious.
Probably brand new is best, but I find nothing wrong with any of the other options. I am lucky, my buddies caddy at Sherwood CC here in Los Angeles and once a month I get a bag of Pro V's and Pentas. Lots of almost brand new balls in the rough out there and they end up in my bag.
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