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I use the Sun Mountain V1 Speed Cart and really enjoy it.
Using proper care for your glove will make it last longer. +1 for not wadding it up and throwing it in your bag. Also, if you notice it wearing out more in one place on your glove, maybe check your grips. Worn out grips will create more friction on your gloves. Our gloves are 100% Cabretta Leather and my golf pro goes through 1 glove every 5 1/2 months. When I get him a new one we put the date on it. He hits up to 200 balls per day.
I am using Driver, 2 Rescue (17*) and 5 Rescue (25*). This combo works well for me.
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Well, if you plan on having your brother around, you will need something bigger than a studio which are well under 900 sq. ft. and no bedrooms. Where do you go to school or work? What kind of commute do you want? and what is your budget? It is true that homes/condos are at a good price right now, but only if you can qualify for loans. As for a down payment, expect to put down about 25%. Getting a loan now is the hardest part right now. Banks aren't just handing them out...
The group I play with every week prefer to tee off around 7:45 am. I wear Nike Dri Fit pants. Love them. Since we walk, these pants are great when the weather is a bit chilly and great when it warms up during the day. I will wear shorts on occasion, but prefer pants now.
I walk and use my Sun Mountain SpeedCart V1 majority of the time. When I play a high slope course or I am playing at a Country Club or a Charity Tournament I will ride.
My golf pro I sponsor actually uses a set of Acer irons (not sure which model) and he tells me they are identical to a set of Callaways. He is a  +0.9 handicap.
A few months ago I replaced my 3 and 5 wood with  17° and a 25° TM Rescue's. I hit the 2 Rescue (17°) between 225-245 yards and the 5 Rescue (25°) 200-215.
FootJoy Sports here. I walk when I play and they are very comfortable.
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