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I just switched to the R9 SuperTri / 9.5° / Stiff Shaft. AMAZING
I use my stand bag with my push cart. It is OK. I need to adjust my bag at least twice a round. It is not too bad that I have to buy another bag just for the push cart.
It should be Hitting vs. Striking the ball. You will need to swing, but you want to strike the ball. As for topping your irons, just keep your head down, don't over swing. Every round is a learning experience, enjoy it.
Anyways, I have been working with my golf pro who we sponsor and he keeps telling me what was wrong with my swing. We finally filmed it and watched it and saw what needed to change. I always knew what he was trying to explain to me, but watching it was the icing on the cake. My average drive before was around 240 with a bad fade (almost slice) and now hitting 290-310 with a controlled fade. Problem was I would take the club too far back on my back-swing, cock the club...
Ping iWi 1/2 Craz-E Putter
GlobalGolf is great.
I live up the street from Balboa, Encino and Woodley. Play at one of those courses 1 or 2 times a week. Get on at 7am, done at 11am. Played Knollwood a handul of times. Want to try Scholl Canyon and going to play Sherwood CC next week. When I lived in OC, played Strawberry Farms and Aliso a lot. Mess around at Whitset and Van Nuys too.
I have the 09 TM Rescues, the 2 - 17° and 5 - 25°. They have replaced my fairway woods for good. Great clubs.
I would say to buy a decent set of clubs to learn to hit. It will save you time and money in the long run.
My buddies are caddies at a prestigious CC here in Los Angeles and lets just say every other month I get a bag of brand spankin new Pro V's. It is nice
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