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I use a 52 and a 56. Have a 60 but never use it. The 56 is money
A friend of mine owns maui jim golf rentals in Hawaii. He currently rents out well over 200 sets per month. It is hard to travel with clubs. You get them delivered to your hotel and they pick them up for you too. You can get any set of clubs for a very reasonable price, plus they sell LeviTee Golf Gloves too. If traveling, I would highly recommend it.
Look into a 17-19* Hybrid. I have a 2H Callaway Heavenwood that I like.
I use our LeviTee Golf Glove. Cabretta Leather and the pads between the fingers help loosen my grip. Plus, they last along time.
The deal with PIAS, at least in Orange County, CA, they were having kids break into peoples houses and steal top quality equipment. It was a big deal. I would not be suprised if this stuff is stolen.
I use our glove for all shots except putting. Although I was told you should have loose hands while putting too and our glove helps with that.
Our Golf Glove places foam padding between the fingers to help loosen your grip. We have had hand doctors tell us that the glove helps those with hand problems such as arthritis. You might want to check us out. I can't put a link up, but you can do a search for our name in google.
So, you guys think a poker chip is too obtrusive? I used one today, not bad at all.
I got a fair trade in value for my ping i3's when I got my RACs from them. Grooves were excellent, clubs were clean and the bottom of the clubs were not beat up too bad. I would have a hard time buying them without looking at them first, but I am lucky to have a Golfsmith a couple miles away.
I have been looking for a new set of wedges, but my old Cleveland 900's 52, 56 have been great and still work great. People are always amazed at how well I get these things to bite.
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