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Any rule that is currently hampering my score is a dumb rule ;)
A different putter can increase your confidence and that, if nothing else, can make you a better putter. Liking the weight, alignment aids, shape, etc. helps too! Tappin' on my Thunderbolt
Completely agree. They make great gloves at a great price. If you haven't tried them you should. They make good bags also, I actually ordered one last week. Google "master grip" to find the website.
Oh yeah? Did you try it out anywhere or are you just going to pick one up? No one sells them within 60 miles of me unless you pre order it, so I can't even find one to test out.
Can you take a picture of this and post it? I just wonder what it looks like.  
I'd like to say I only carry a dozen or so, but I'm not going to look in my bag and actually count because it'd be higher. And as for how many at home, if I count playable balls I'm probably around 6 dozen or so (all mixed brands). I also have a bucket of shag balls...   SouthernGolfer - have you ever tried to use brush tees? I have used them (don't use them currently) and actually kept ONE TEE for an ENTIRE SEASON. That was playing 1x a week.
Interesting point. I agree and am pretty loyal during a round. The problem is that at this point I'm stocking up on misc. "onesies and twosies" of different balls that I want to use, but I'm OCD.  So I'm going on a golf weekend trip and instead of using the 3-4 dozen mixed balls I went out and bought a double dozen precept laddie x...... sigh....  
So here's the question, are you loyal to one kind of ball during any given round?   I tend to want to play one type of ball for a full 18 holes (ie only Bridgestone E6, only Precept Laddie X, etc.). For some reason I have the belief that although I'm an 18 handicap, using different balls will affect my yardages/approach shots/etc. (even though that 5 yards longer that's advertised on the box probably only means for the driver) so I want to use 1 ball strictly for the...
Saw this in a magazine yesterday. I'm not a huge fan of the Wilson Staff stuff, but this thing looks pretty sweet in the way it helps you line up the putt. Not sure if I like the head shape or not, but I tend to like mallets if they're not super heavy.   The slot in the top shows you if your eyes are directly over the top of the putter with the color on the lower level. If you see red you're eyes are either inside or outside. If you just see the silver...
Awesome bag, I want one. Go Steelers!
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