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I often play alone in the late evening. It's my way of getting some practice in. Like many have said i will play and repeat some shots if nobody is behind me *usually i seem to always be the last one out*. Lets me see what my shot is doing in the real world and calculate my distances on the course. Something hard for me to do at a range. 
Driver with straight down the middle of the fairway (hey last year i was duck hooking the driver and was afraid to look at it. Now im hitting it straight or baby draws or fades)   then   7 iron within 15-20 feet of the pin on the green.    It doesn't take much to please me. 
Not mentally wrapping my mind around my Hybrids (hitting a wood shaped object like an iron) I rather just hit a fairway wood or an iron. Next would be my putting. I need to spend time and find what putter works best for me. Not what looks cool to me (right now a odyssey black tour blade style putter)
Nike. because they have ran my entire life, lol.    Sneakers, basketball, snowboarding, softball, golf. If its sports or athletics my whole house is Nike. Thats said.    With that said, i am also a big fan of srixon, bridgestone(balls), and cleveland (wedges and putters), taylor made woods/hybrids I'm giving a chance now. I like the look of them, lets see if i can hit them. 
Nike Machspeed Black Round Driver. picked it up for 109 new from rock bottom. Loooooove it. Very easy to swing for me. give it a chance. 
Purple Kool-Aid
Yea, I don't want to mess up my $150 sneakers on the golf range, matts, or practice greens. And i hate tracking the dirt from the range back into my car. But then again my golf sneakers look like i can go and do 100yd sprints in them, so they are as comfortable and light as my sneakers.
Cleveland Classic. Might get the Brz soon. If it aint broke, just improve it.
callawaypreowned has been my best friend, getting back into golf. 2 wedges, and 2 woods off there. And only one was a callaway brand *smiles* I love that they have other brands on their, and in good quality.
Yep putter in the small section on the stand size, irons/wedges on second row. woods and hybrids on 3rd row. and driver on top top row near handle. On carts i have to flip it around to have all the pockets exposed. But no biggie.
New Posts  All Forums: