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1 point says he doesn't play next year at all. p.s. for those that think he'll play anytime before the US Open you guys are f*ckin nuts. Do you honestly think he'll be playing on FATHERS DAY?! What kind of jackass would he be to miss spending that valuable time with his kids, assuming Elin even lets him see them.
I couldn't agree with this more...
wtf?! that crap was terrible. weather n all...
is the F speed the non-pro d/s model?
i don't think i'd ever stray from cleveland wedges. i only have the vokey cuz i lost my other 52.
that last save by fleury was clutch!! but i felt like the half of the second period and the whole 3rd period was a detroit power play. LOL. penguins could NOT get it out of their zone! either way...still won!!
she totally does!! she's still sexy though. word.
the thing about golfers is....everyday is an OFF day. Even if someone were to shoot the round of their life..."and that was missing a 3 foot putt and shanking a etc......" golfers are melodramatic.
Since everyone has decided NOT to take the initiative...I will put the burden upon MY shoulders...hahah. J/K. I want to try and get a round in with some of you guys here in the next few weeks. Weekday...weekend...whenever...just let me know when you guys are usually available or when you prefer to play. It seemed like there was quite a few of us around here so I'd have to figure of a place to play that's in the middle of everyone and a place that will be fun for...
does anyone else think this is horsesh*t? I've watched many videos on it, hell, I've even had people explain it to me in person so I know I'm doing it right. Every time I do it I never see anything special. The hole doesn't look like it's on either side of the shaft etc.... I have 20-15 vision so I know it's not my eyes. WTF is going on?! lol
New Posts  All Forums: