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The set I learnt to play with was from KMart. The brand was Emrik, which is a tennis raquet brand. It contained a 3 Wood, 3i, 5i, 7i and putter. I played with that for a couple of years, then bought a 9i and a 5w, which I played for about another 3/4 years before getting a full set. Having learnt to hit out of sand with those clubs, I can't remember the last time I misshit out of a bunker and I have a pretty good memory.
Funny you should mention this. I've always had my long clubs at the top of bags, ie D, 3w etc, but always found it annoying pulling out irons underneath. I've just purchased a completely new set and now sort them like this: TOP D / 4, 5, 6, 7 3W / 8, 9, PW, GW 2H, P / 54.14, 60.07 Works perfectly. I've got the S-83, so no probs with 4 irons in each hole.
A bad day on the course is better than a good day in the office.
Just been through the process of purchasing a complete new set. I spent the most time on the driver and putter...as you would. Hit a shirt load of putters and desperately wanted to get a SC...as you would. Every SC putter I hit felt like I was putting with a sledge hammer. Never felt the sensation before....was very disappointed. Ended up with a White Hot XG #9. Couldn't be happier. Brilliant distance control, easy to line up and sweet off the face. 5...
I don't play alot maybe a couple of times amonth and usually go round in 90...sometime a little under, sometimes a little over. Hit a 38 on the front nine (Par 72 - 36, 36). Was -1 after 6. From the 7th I was like...just got to hold on! Not the best attitude. 52 on the back.
I lost it watching the last bit a number of times. Love it. She bails out and leaves her daughter to fend for herself in the bushes....
Putters are all about feel. If you hit "the one", even on astroturf, you'll know.
Has anyone had trouble fitting this Titleist bag on a cart??? It looks very deep from front to back.
Does anyone know if this bag is imported into the UAE? I spoke to a Titleist supplier who sources from the UK, so no luck - but does anyone know a supplier who sources from the US and can get this bag?!? It's exactly what I want, so I'm hesitant to give up the dream.
I've struggled with the same question. Alot of comments on the forum say 60* is ridiculous and noone should go higher than 58*....but surely there isn't that much difference. I want to get a couple of Vokey's...but hate the way the 58* look with the number on the toe. Shallow I know, but I subscribe to the "you can't hit what you don't like" theory.
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