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will do.
wait just realised there is a demo.
is there/ will there be a free trial version? i'd sure like to try this out before i purchase it.
Im selling/trading my taylormade Tp 56 degree wedge. This is a Right handed club. The club is slightly damaged due to the fact that it has a small hole/dent in the bottom of the clubhead (this comes from hitting a rock which was buried underground). the club still strikes the ball fine, it's just that i like my vokies better. the hole does not actually affect the ball striking in any way. Im selling it for about $65 not including shipping since its around $90 brand new...
hey this is just a thought for everyone, but i was wondering if anybody would like to play a 9 hole round of wii golf. in order to know what everyone shoots, we would have to take a pic of the screen and post it as a reply on this thread. Im thinking three 9 hole rounds? sound fair? let me know if you have any ideas.
i was choking up on the club. sorry i did not put that in the note. thank you.
thank you. i will take that into account when i practice. and i do not have the same issue from the fairway. its just that the rough was unusually long;most likely because it was recently finished being ground under repair. i know this because i also work at that course doing maintenance. and i usually do not turn my back foot on short approach shots to keep control of the ball and to have less momentum. its just one of those things that makes me comfortable on these...
hey just wondering if anybody could give me tips on my approach. this shot was taken from about 40-50 yards out and it was steep uphill. i was using my 56* wedge in long rough. it landed on the center of the green and rolled to the other side. what i would really like to know is how to control my shot so that the ball does not roll too much when it lands. any help is appreciated. thanks.   p.s. the video is available in high quality if you are willing to change the...
how much would you want for it
So i was thinking about buying the taylormade burner plus irons while looking online. I found a great deal on _____ (certain website) where they come around $275 used slightly. Are they worth it?
New Posts  All Forums: