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I have gotten my whole set up for less than $500, and while it isn't the latest greatest equipment, it is very high quality stuff that will last me a very long time. Ping Zing Irons 3-SW $130 pre owned at Golf Galaxy Ping G2 Driver $65 pre owned at Golf Galaxy TaylorMade RAC wedge $50 at Dicks Ping Karsten Zing putter $35 at Golf Galaxy Ben Hogan CFT 3 and 4 Hybrids $50 I already had a bag, so I'm sitting at about $350 or so for my set of sticks. Look around at...
Ping will not bend the BeCu irons, and many of their older clubs cannot be bent, or they will not bend them. Just an FYI.http://www.ping.com/about/clubrepair.aspx
How does one know what shaft stiffness they should be using?
I just bought a 3 and 4 hybrid on eBay. It was a package deal, so I got both for $50 shipped. I've never swung one before, but I figure at that price they were worth a shot. Anyone have any thoughts on these clubs? I figure if I like them I can finally trade in my hand me down Snake Eyes club which has a Senior flex shaft and hopefully these will work a little better for me. If not I should be able to unload them for what I paid for them. Yeah for new stuff!
My local Golf Galaxy is selling the original Gamers on clearance for $13/dz. Go get 'um while they are cheap!
I currently use a Karsten Zing, and I really like it. However everytime I go to Golf Galaxy I find myself wanting to bring home a Wack-e.
I had to have my local Golf Galaxy grab some from the back for me. Luckily it was one of the older packages that had a free bonus sleeve!
What kind of gear were you wearing? Heal up quick!
During my lessons, of which I have only had two my instructor has had me work with only my 7 iron. I have been able to take way a lot of what he was showing/teaching me and started to hit that club very well. However I'm having trouble appling those instructions to anything with a lower loft than a 7. At the range I will start with my 7 or 8 iron, then move up to a 5, with my hybrid and woods after that. I can never hit the ball as cleanly or sharply as I can with...
I've taken a couple lessons and with some work at the range, I have gotten a decently consistant swing down. With a 7 iron I am consistantly hitting the ball straight, about 135 yards with a nice flight. Hands forward at address, left arm straight and right shoulder tucked in the backswing. However.... Straight doesn't often = where I want the ball to go. I am usually about 10-15 yards off, both right and left with right happening more often. My question is how...
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