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Was playing with a buddy who was going out for the first time in 3 years today. It was a par 3 best ball scramble converted from a regular course. He took a whiff it barely grazed the top of the ball, didn't move and he asked if we count that. I let him know that it counts and his next shot won't count but to go for practice anyway.
It's tylenol. Unless you have liver failure it's not going to effect your game much more than remember what you are for dinner last night.
Until you lose one in the water hazard.
bridgestone e5
I used golflogix the past two seasons. I had a Samsung Inspire previously and the app would crash every once and a while and my phone battery was terrible - nothing to do with the app, but it wasn't the best phone. It crashed sporatically when I wasn't using the app.   Now I have an iPhone 5 and hopefully the better battery will make it much more usable.
I love my e5s. They have good distance off the cub and I can get them to stop on a dime from 150 and in. Maybe this year I'll be able to get enough spin off my 6-4 irons.
My biggest complaint about all of the previous warbirds was that they scuff entirely too easy. You will see scuffs after hitting a completely pure shot that hits nothing but grass.   So if this new one is anything like the old ones, I'll pass.
You must be fun at parties.
Gonna be 61 and sunny tomorrow. Perfect time to hit the range before my par 3 shootout next Sunday
Irons below 6 are a little off, about 5-7 yards a club
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