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Too expensive for me right now. I'd like to, but I'm progressing very well for the amount of experience I have.
The Departed   There's not a better movie with better character development, an all star cast, a great plot, and spectacular acting.
I just moved into my late grandpa's house. He has a bar in the basement in which he left 4 unopened fifths of different whiskeys. I don't recall the names, but they are all 40-50 year old bottles that are unopened. Along with the fifths, he had about 20 different shooters, again, 40-50 years old.   Man, they have quite the bite to them. Gets you drunk... fast. It's the 114 proof, 40 year old Old Grandad that will get you.   There was also a single shooter of some...
I appreciate it,   thanks.
Nice to know this forum is still plagued with smart asses and uppity elitists.
Hey guys,   wondering if there are any secret sites I don't know about to find some deals on golf. I want to play a TON this summer but want to be economical about it at the same time.   I'm on group golfer and I know of entertainment books, but are there any other good ones?   Thanks!
I'd like to, but I go to school with 80% arabic people. If I have to hear "wulla bro yumshuk" one more day of the week I might kill myself.
7w/3hybrid/3i   because I don't have one.
63-42   If I could start off every round like I play the back, I'd be single digit no doubt.
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