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Week #9 has commenced and I kicked chest and back's ass.   I did 32 push ups on the first set, then 17 on the second. I'm ****ing proud of myself.
Agreed.   I remember reading an article where Marc Cuban spoke about the shape of the economy. He brought up how college students are racking up debts in order to get a higher paying job. College costs are rising, jobs are scarcer and scarcer. He mentioned how student loan debt is the only debt where you can't claim personal bankruptcy from.   So, more debt, less ways to pay off the debt, and banks still giving out student loans like they are hot cakes. Sounds vaguely...
In Raymond Floyd's book, he addresses this issue. He says for every 15 MPH head wind, club up two clubs. For the equal tail wind, club down 1 club.
I feel the same way. I hope your main city goes to shit and you lose your job because companies move out.
Bridgestone E5. Love it.
Before I bought my new bag, I had went to home depot and bought a 2x2 piece of velcro and slapped it on my bag.
I prefer the foot wedge 
Carleton Glen, Carleton, MI Woodside Meadows, Inkster, MI Sultana Par 3, Riverview, MI
One hundred and eighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was just X-Stretch as part of my "rest" week 8.   5 weeks and 2 days left!
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