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That's why I only use Paypal. Not saying it's fool proof, but when some Saudi tries to spend my money, I know it originated from Paypal.
I wonder how much that project cost in total.   I wonder how many of our dilapidated cities could have been refurbished with that money.
Welcome to the internet.   You must be new here.
Couldn't tell you. All I do know is that with every birdie and birdie attempt, the nerves go away slowly and slowlier.
Make more birdies.
The same people who have settled for everything in their whole life are telling you to do the same and not go for your dreams.
I have friends who have done it, it's mainly cardio. The best thing about it compared to P90X is the start up cost. With P90X you need a pull up bar and weights or bands. With Insanity, all you need is space to do it in. It's great if you're ever on the road.   I still have 5 weeks left of P90X and I'll be doing Insanity partly because 1) school is starting back up, 2) I'll be traveling for work some, 3) it's only 60 days as opposed to the 90 for P90X, and 4) I want...
Golf is something I do on my weekends to keep competition in my life.
I try to keep at least 9 in my bag.   You never know when one of "those days" is going to kick your ass.
Here we go again.
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