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Took this week off. I had my buddy's birthday party last night and I wouldn't have been in any condition this morning to concentrate lol
I'm pretty comfy with my driver. Only time I take 3W is when there is trouble 260+
I think you're reading into the numbers too much.
My dad and I have a standard side-gift for each other for Christmas. A giant bag of tees and a box of balls.   We had over 1,000 at the beginning of the year and are about a 1/3 of the way into the stash.
I normally play with my dad who wakes up at 4 for work during the week, I get off at 12:30. The latest he will golf is 10-10:30. Sometimes it sucks.   I never have played later in the day this year. Latest was about 1
It's a free drop? Nice.   This happened to me a few weeks ago where I landed behind a tree on a par 4 with 160 left. I used my lob wedge and played it really forward in my stance and it went higher than it did long. The ball sunk 2 inches in the fairway. Nice to know I didn't cheat myself.
I play the blues. 
Wild turkey!!! WOOOOO
Not tonight... had a few too many last night. Saturday is my best friend's birthday, so... I'll be getting carried to my room.
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