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I honestly don't think anything too strange has happened off the cart path for me. I have hit it a few times and it bounces it left or right or too far and went into a hazard, but nothing crazy.
It's worth a try man. But I wouldn't go in swinging bows, I'd start out talking nice and if being nice doesn't work, then you politely ask to speak to a manager and up the tone. It's amazing what a little niceness does.
I've only played with 1 person who was receptive of my tutelage. He was lifting his back heel on his back swing and it instantly fixed his slice
The only time I will "fluff" is either: some kind of standing water, or a time when I may break a club. Sorry, but it's not worth it to me. Although I did hit my PW on Sunday from right behind a root above ground and put it to 5 feet for a birdie.   Awesome shot I say.
Yeah, but can you buy a water powered jet pack on there?
http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com   I'm sorry in advance for the hour or two you spend looking at the neato things on this site
That thing is AWESOME. I'm just hesitant to buy/use one... where does all that salt go? It just scatters all over
Whenever I golf with my dad I get a cart because he has to use one (hurt his knee not too long ago), plus he walks all day during his job, so on the weekends he wants to relax. If I'm playing alone (or with someone who wants to walk) I'll do it. 
I won some money with a guy I got paired with at an outting once. I give him a call whenever there's an outting with skins involved.
Public   Anywhere from 25-70 a round
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