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I look like a clown with a hat or anything on besides a beanie, so free-roaming locks for me.
congrats, not an easy feat.
I have orientation for my new job Monday. I will be in medical records at a hospital, much better than my minimum wage retail job.
lol practice...it's because of the grizz green pouches obviously.
Pretty sure the 460cc is the size of the club head. the 10.5* is the angle of the club face. I suggest you get a new one. The balls that are made today are made for drivers/clubs made today, they come off the face better.
If it matters I use the X-22s and I love them. The best thing about them for me is they have a pretty heavy head, and a good deal of forgiveness.
I went to a catholic high school and I hated it. I graduated with a measily 2.4 gpa. I am now in college in my 3rd year and I have a 3.1 GPA and made the dean's last the last two semesters. If he isn't pushing himself to do better on his own, what makes you think he will do anything on his own in college? He needs to learn for himself, not forced.
I am from the metro Detroit area, and one of my favorite courses is Lakes of Taylor, and Taylor Meadows. I haven't been to a few that are on my list to be played this summer, but I have heard great things about them. They are Northville Hills is one of them, and a couple more that for the love of my can't remember...
I can totally see where he is coming from if he has a good wedge game. Personally, my long irons are the weakest part of my game at the moment. Play to YOUR strengths I guess.
Haha I hit a water shot today and got DRENCHED. Reminder to self : water comes straight up off a sand wedge.
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