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I shot an 89, 47-42.   I was scratch on the back up until 16.   Then, it happened.   Quad.
After reading this thread yesterday I went ahead and cleaned my clubs.   So I'm changing my answer to whenever this thread gets bumped or a new one gets made.
If you don't enjoy it, why would you keep doing it?
And $170! 
Exactly what I started doing and they are much more consistent.   I choke down about an inch or so and swing really easy.
Not I, but I can say that I play hockey leftie. Whatever helps you cut strokes.
After every shot on the back of the cart.
And we will be watching golf in the olympics.   Just felt like throwing that out there.
When someone blurts out a swear word...   "That's a very technical golf term"       Also, when someone leaves a putt short   "Want me to hold your purse next time?"
This is exactly what I have been trying to say.   Sorry, deflate your handicap.
New Posts  All Forums: