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Two straight losses for me.. I couldn't get reliable enough backups in for 3 RB/WR byes this week and got taken down a notch by the now-#1 team.
Hey guys, I found out yesterday that I was one of 64 finalists in Toppers Pizza's house pizza contest, where you had to create a pizza (name and ingredients) and submit it for a chance to have it featured on Toppers' menu, along with pizza for a year and $500. The 64 finalists are set up in a March Madness-type bracket, with rounds of heads-up type matches deciding the winner. The victor in each matchup is decided by the number of "likes" and unique comments (meaning 1...
Wouldn't the question be "When is it too cold to keep playing golf?" but anyway, I basically only play in 60+ degree weather. Since I'm still a beginner, when it gets colder I end up having one more thing to be annoyed about, so it puts me off my game :P
Bwahahaha. In our league, I scored over 110 points thanks to a pretty much overall awesome performance from everyone. Undefeated!
A hook, if only for a change of pace.
+1 on the AVS Midsize Pistol. I "inherited" mine with my Heavy Putter and I really like it. Given the weight of the putter, the grip just fits well at its size. I don't think I could manage it with a smaller grip.
I missed the draft as well, though have made a couple moves to juggle things about during the byes. I'm undefeated thus far. :D though my WR corps is somewhat lacking, and am pretty much even this week against my opponent in projected points. I need another LT breakout game, or someone else like Rivers..
I picked those up as well, and had the same result. Such comfortable shoes, and in my hard-to-find 12.5.
Ah, that gecko. :P
Oy... gotta win 2..
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