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I am working on shallowing out my swing.  I just want the band aid so I can have some success and less frustration while I am working on my swing.
Thanks for the response.  I'm playing the cobra baffler rail fairway woods.  They have a relatively shallow face.  Would a taller face benefit?  I am working on improving my swing but I want to have more success playing with the swing I have now.  
I have a steep angle of attack when swinging my driver and fairway woods (leave irons out of the conversation for now).   I want to keep playing while I work on my swing so what driver and fairway woods are better for a steep AoA? I've gone for higher lofted drivers (10.5-14*) but I've started to think that maybe the 9* driver might be better with a steep AoA.
Are the numbers being given here total yards or carry yards?  I have no idea how to accurately figure out carry distance.  I can guess where the ball hit and I can measure the point at which it stopped moving.  It would be good to know but I don't know how to capture it.
I play in the morning starting at 7 AM. Hole 1 faces east right into the sun. The dew on the green glistens majestically in the sun. There is no way to tell if the ball is on the green until you are about 3/4 of the way up to it. Today I hit a provisional when I had no idea where my first shot went. Found both on the green waiting for me. The sun is usually high enough to be less of a problem by the time I get to the next hole that faces east, hole 6. I know if I...
I fastened the tubes to themselves or to the bag so they don't pull out when I take a club out.  That is really aggrivating but not as aggrivating to me as tangled clubs.
Take up my friend's offer to take me out on the course and show me how to play.  If I had done that I might have been able to golf with my nephew before he died instead of golfing in a annual scramble in his honor.  
The name/address/phone # band to put on your clubs.  Golf balls with me & my kids' names on them.  Tees with me and my kids' names on them.  Golf towel.  Golf cigar clip thingy.  Oh, wait.  That is a gift list for me.  Sorry.
I left my 7i on a course, probably on hole 18 where I used the 7i to chip.  My clubs have the name and phone number sticker band near the grip and a fancy mongram disc in the end of the grip with the same info.  These make great gift suggestions.  I called the proshop and they had my club.  Apparently they don't check clubs for any kind of ownership information.   If I were smart I would create a gps transponder thingy to put in the shaft of each club so I could go...
For me don't limit technology, atleast for non-pros or even certain HC levels.  I'm a 25-30 HC - sell me clubs without any limits on the game improvement technology so I can hit the ball as far as possible and as accurate as possible.  I will enjoy the round with my friends all that much more and maybe play more often.
New Posts  All Forums: