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I came across this article, where it talks about photographers packing a flare gun or starter pistol in their gear to ensure it doesn't get lost. The flare gun/starter pistol is only considered a weapon by the TSA, and accordingly the TSA will take some extra steps to make sure it doesn't get lost. These things only cost about $15-20 from any outdoors sporting good store. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2...airline-theft/ I've got a couple flights planned for...
Costa Del Mar Frigate's off SteepandCheap.com for $40 (usually $140) - steepandcheap has lots of oakleys too. All their stuff is ~60% off
But then wouldn't I be leading with the hosel if the club face is open? I'm having a hard time understanding this - it seems like only one or the other is possible - open club face, lead with the hosel and swing parallel to feet (not perfectly in line at the pin), or open club face and swing outward so as to not lead with the hosel.
I've got the same ones bro. I usually take a 3/4 swing with it and really let it load up at the top - i can hit my 3-5 hybrids now better than any club in my bag. Also try taking some practice swings with a driver before hand, feels like you've got more control when you pick up the hybrid.
For the lob shot, he mentions not leading with the hosel because it'll lead to shanking shots. So I adjust my stance, regrip, but my swing is very uncomfortable; with the open stance, in order to swing in line with the pin my backswing is very close to me and cramped feeling, then the follow through feels like a stretch out away from my body - any idea what i'm doing wrong? it's not supposed to be a parallel swing to where my feet are "aiming" right?
Every time I post to a thread for the first time, under my subscriptions, it sets to email me daily so i have to go in and manually set it to alert through control panel only (no emails). Is there a way to change the default to this? Thanks
I just did a lot of research before buying my Ogio Grom. It's a hybrid (carry/stand bag, but its also got lots of dividers for the cart) - so your clubs won't rub. Review here: http://thesandtrap.com/accessories/o...and_bag_review The one issue I saw mentioned everywhere was the weight becuase its 2 lbs heavier than most other carry bags, but it's not noticeable at all to me.
I usually just rip open the plastic bag they come in and stuff that into a pocket on my bag, but after a few holes all the tees are spilled out just floating around with other size tees, ball markers, sharpies etc. Thinking about getting a little drawstring bag. What does everyone use to organize the little stuff (tees, ball markers, etc)?
Rock Bottom is great. I always end up adding like $10 more of random stuff to get to $75 so I can get free shipping.
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